Storing Extra Dirt For The Home And Garden

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Storing extra dirt for the garden does not have to be messy

It has to be protected from the elements

A good supply of dirt can come in handy for dozens of uses around the home, and storing extra dirt for the home and garden does not have to be a messy of difficult task if approached properly. The concept of storing dirt may not be high on the agenda of most homeowners, but when the gumption and energy of a homeowner matches the necessity to enact a change the forethought to store extra dirt for the home and garden will become apparent. While there are many ways to store dirt an individual must decide the amount and frequency of dirt that is needed for personal use without going overboard or storing too small an amount of usable dirt.

One of the easiest ways to store dirt for the home and garden in small amounts is to simply use containers that have been purchased and have accompanying lids. Containers keep dirt protected from the elements and centrally located with easy access until it is needed. While this method of storing extra dirt for the home and garden may not be appropriate for the demands of a large property it does work quite well for the average homeowner. If this method to store dirt is used it is important to remember that lids cannot be placed tightly onto the containers - decomposing matter in the dirt can give off gasses that need to escape. A container with a lid that is slightly askew about an inch or so is perfect for storing dirt in letting the gasses out without allowing excessive rainwater in. If possible, containers for storing extra dirt for the home and garden that have wheels attached make moving the dirt to the location it will be used a snap and a real labor-saver.

For those with a bit of a larger homestead storing extra dirt for the home and yard can still be a simple task, but requires a larger area in which to store the dirt. This is most easily accomplished by building a three-sided storage stall that can be made out of about $30 worth of 2 x 4's and plywood and can be created in a few hours or less. Just dig 4 post holes to the depth of about 16 inches 4 feet apart and place a 4 foot long 2 x 4 into each hole and fill it with concrete. After the concrete has hardened screw or nail sections of plywood to the posts to create a trough for storing extra dirt for the home and garden. Cover the trough with a tarp to keep the rain out, and when the dirt is needed simply fill a wheelbarrow using a shovel.


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