Striving For Financial Solvency

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A description on how one person found the elusive concept of financial solvency to be obtainable.

Striving For Financial Solvency

I ask a young man recently "If you had a choice, would you rather be rich or financially solvent?" Without a moments hesitation he blurted out "rich!" Then I ask the young man if he knew the meaning of the term "financially solvent." His reply was no … he had no clue to the meaning of that term.

Many of us who were born, raised and educated in our American republic society have been duped into believing many myths and untruths about money, wealth and the financial system in a democracy. I will not spend any time here explaining the previous statement since most of us have heard the clichés many times.

If It Isn't Broke, Don't Fix It!

During my lifetime (post depression era, 1944 - 1960s), we were taught in public school about the workings of our capitalistic society. Unfortunately, the theory that was taught did not always work as advertised in the real world. There were constant changes and adjustments that had to be made to accommodate for changing financial situations and circumstances. Since the 1970s I also noticed that new words were added to our vocabulary to define new situations such as "retrograde', "recession", and "economic downturn" to name a few. It has been apparent to me for quite some time that the financial system in America was flawed. As a matter of fact, I have not seen any secular financial system anywhere in the world that operates even close to what it is advertised to be. We need a new financial system!

Kingdom Principles

Since I had become a student of the Holy Scriptures nearly a quarter of a century ago, it seemed to me that biblical principles concerning finances made a lot more sense than what the world has to offer these days. Regardless of what men and many "experts" have to say about negative world conditions, God is still "on the throne" and this is still His program. Man cannot create anything; we only rearrange what already exist. We also own absolutely nothing; we just have temporary use of things in this world.

Since finances are such a vital part of our lives and we must have financial income to survive in this world, then it would serve us well to be educated in this subject as much as possible. We know what concepts and theories have been tried and what is currently in use does not work correctly, so why not return to biblical "kingdom principles" specifically Matthew 6:33 (look it up for yourselves to get a better understanding of what is being taught.)

Financial Solvency

The term "financial solvency" loosely means that a person is completely debt free and owes no one anything. In addition to being debt-free, the person is financially stable enough to where he can buy whatever he desires whenever he wants without any fear of "over extending himself financially." To put it another way, "financially well off." This sounds like an ideal position to be in, yes? Well it is obtainable within our lifetime if you know how to get there.

If a person is truly seeking financial solvency the only true way that I have found to get there is through using biblical kingdom principles. Like anything else in this life worth having, a person must "put in work" to obtain the desired results. This work comes in the form of diligently reading and searching the Holy Scriptures and seeking God through the doctrine of His Son Jesus. I am living proof that this method does work as advertised.

Remember, God is not a man that He would lie, His Word will not return void, and that He is not a respecter of persons. What He does for one He will do for all who are obedient and seek Him.

What have you got to loose by trying His system?


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
17th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post and thought provoking, Rubinstyn. I am reminded often of Gandhi's words - there is everything in this world to meet our needs, but not the greed. The greedy spread a pall gloom all over. What we desire for we should work for them but not by taking short-cuts - siva

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author avatar Rose*
24th Dec 2013 (#)

The trouble is that debt is marketed everywhere - people feel they are missing out and don't realize they are enslaving themselves when they take on debt.

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author avatar Rubinstyn
24th Dec 2013 (#)

Thank you for your comment Rose. Merry Christmas.

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