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The Networking site StumbleUpon and its changes and proclivities


I first heard about StumbleUpon from the BBC’s Click On Line (now Click) as one of its Sites of the Week.

I instantly joined.

It was akin to the late lamented ‘E-Tours’.

Way back in the '90s E-Tours sprang up and most Geeks had it as Prime.
It would feed you many fantastic pages. One could spend their lives going screen to screen.

The problem the original ETours had was that it did not know how to monetise.
So it died.


StumbleUpon was founded in November 2001.

Called a 'Discovery Engine' and described as a connection between human opinion and software search engines is not the whole story.

Members enter their preferences and suitable pages are downloaded. Members may also upload sites. One can thumbs up or thumbs down a site if they wish.

When it first became popular the joy of Stumbling for an Online writer was the ability to make friends, stumble an item to their batallion, get a good portion of hits from random Stumblers.

Alas, that was Then.

And Then

About a two years ago StumbleUpon, without telling a soul, made a few changes.

It became harder to make friends.
And Stumbles from particular sites were not put into the Great Stumbling Universe.

In 2007, for example, most of the hits on Triond came from Stumbles. If one had 14k visitors about 12k would be from StumbleUpon.

Today, most of the hits come from Google.

Discovery Sites

Sites like StumbleUpon such as Digg and Reddit treat items from Triond and other Content Farms as Spam.

Checking hits one may find ONE... the person who Stumbled it.

It has become finger exercise to Stumble anything from a Content Farm.

"Discovery Sites" treat items from Content Farms as Spam. and ignore it.

And Blogs?

I opened a blog at Orble.Com about a month ago.
I needed another blog like a fish needs a bicycle, however....
I get hundreds of hits from Stumble.
In fact, the vast majority of hits are Stumbles.

Other Blogs get 1 or 2 hits from Stumble. Clearly as far as Stumble is concerned Blogger is a Content Farm.
Orble is not.

Where We Are Today

I find that most of the pages I get from pushing the Stumble button are in the category of "Cute Puppy Pictures".

They don't have to be puppies, they could be meerkats, but it's the same kind of "oooooohh."

Then next batch are the 'Cracked', 'Badass of the Week', 'Daily Onion' genre.

I do run across the occasional must bookmark page, so Stumble has its use.

It just doesn't help the online writer get hits.


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author avatar johnnydod
17th Aug 2011 (#)

I agree with every word, I was one of the founding members of SU and am still a member but your so right, its nothing like it use to be, its so sad that such a once wonderful site has changed so much.

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author avatar kaylar
17th Aug 2011 (#)

Unlike the big fanfare with the algorithm change Stumble just changed. Outside of the Blog I get no hits from Stumble. And the sites Stumbled to me are really all that.
Do you remember etours?

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Aug 2011 (#)

My wife has an account there but said when they changed it a year or more ago, that she liked it elss than before.

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author avatar kaylar
17th Aug 2011 (#)

The interesting thing is that they didn't announce anything, they made a decision and the users had to take it.

And that has been painful for those who write online

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author avatar Set Free
18th Aug 2011 (#)

I was stumbling on what the site was for in the first place. Good write up. I liked to advice about starting my own blog and took your suggestion. These sites like stumble and all the rest, have no respect. So you need a new blog like a fish needs a bicycle. That toooooo funny. I tried to subsribe to your feeds but can't from inside or out. Would like to though.

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author avatar kaylar
18th Aug 2011 (#)

Thanks Set Free.

It is amazing to get hits from a blog and so few from a writing site...but being a content farm is a bad reputation

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author avatar Angelique Newman
18th Aug 2011 (#)

I just joined StumbleUpon; I'm still trying to get use to it. I had hoped it would be good--now it doesn't look so promising. Thanks for sharing :)

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author avatar kaylar
18th Aug 2011 (#)

it used to be great...used to get most of my hits from it

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author avatar MidgetGem
19th Aug 2011 (#)

I must be the only one who doesn't know what Stumbleupon is. Thanks for the information:)

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author avatar kaylar
19th Aug 2011 (#)

Stumbleupon is a site you join, post your interests, download the stumble button. You click on the button and sites in your interests are delivered. You can write and stumble your own work. The problem is now, Stumble treats your work without respect and often you get only one hit...your own

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