Stylish wristbands and their fashion trends

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Article about wristbands as a fashion trend. How wristbands became popular, what are the most popular and worn, who wears them etc

Stylish wristbands and their fashion trends

Wristbands have increased in popularity for the last few years. Celebrities, teenagers, adults and even little kids are wearing them and showing off the stylish ornaments. This is because they are very trendy and bring out the fun side. They are available in different colors and materials. The design of these stylish ornaments has changed over the years from the common rubber wristbands to the more stylish and elegant wristbands made of leather, silicon, nylon, cotton, metal and plastic. Most people wear them for style and fashion while others wear to promote a social group or for awareness. These days, businesses are promoting products by making wristbands that are stylish and advertise their products.

Origin and popularity increase of wristbands

The first wristbands to be created were the silicone wristbands. The Lance Armstrong foundation was the one that made the bands to become popular. This was in the year of nineteen ninety-seven. The wristbands were yellow in color and they were awareness bands. They were used to make people aware of the importance of living life fully after cancer diagnosis. This made the wristbands popular and other foundations started using them for promoting their cause. This made the wristband popular and with fashion taking over, the designs of wristbands became popular.

Present day popular wristband designs

Silicone wristbands are very popular among adults and children. They come in different designs and colors. Some people even wear more than three silicone wristbands that are of different colors. They can be engraved with different sayings or awareness messages. They are great when it comes to complementing ones wardrobe. Some ultra violet sensitive silicone wristbands tend to change color when exposed to sunlight. Slap bracelets are also very popular especially among kids. They wrap and fit well when worn on the wrist. They can also be worn as best friend bands. They are usually of different colors and designs.

Unique and stylish wristband designs

There are several designs that are unique and very stylish. Leather wristbands are an ideal for you to look stylish and unique. Woven leather wristbands are ideal for bringing out masculinity. Perfectly muted tints and shades on these leather wristbands are can be used to complement your outfit. Some bracelets come with extra jewelry. These are ideal for women. Some cotton wristbands can be incorporated with golden or silvery straps. Some may also have strings of chains or threads hanging from the wristband making them more stylish. Women can also wear wristbands that have different shapes like a bow wristband. Some electronic companies have used technology to come up with cool wristbands. One unique design is wristbands that are used in manipulating multimedia like playing music.

The purpose of wristbands and why they are worn

Most people these days wear wristbands because they are fashionable. They bring out a fun and elegant look in the people who wear them. Celebrities use them to complement their outfits. Wristbands are popular among teenagers and kids since they give them a hype and cool look. Companies have used them to advertise their products and sometimes sell them as tickets to get into a venue or particular event. Organizations also use them to create awareness and promote a certain cause or motto. However, the wristband is mostly popular due to its stylish and fashionable look.


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14th Feb 2013 (#)

Nice article. Wristbands are also becoming multi-functional such as the anti mosquito wristbands by Buggabandz

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23rd Dec 2013 (#)

Leather wristbands can look cool. Not so sure about the string versions.

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