Success comes when you smile

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According to an American psychologist, to make a career optimism has more intelligence. Here strategies to transform happiness in your springboard

I'm happy if I succeed

If I succeed, I will be happy. Who knows how many times you repeat to yourself this sentence, while thought to the future or affrontavi a new challenge working. But entrepreneurs from America in sweatshirt and flip flops, get a counter which requires to overturn the old formula: If I am happy, I am successful. The champion of this revolution is Shawn Achor, a Harvard psychologist and author of a best seller whose title is a promise: The Happiness Advantage.Professional achievement is dictated by 75 percent by the optimism and intelligence writes Achor. Who looks at life positively produces 30 percent more, get sick less and appears more charismatic in the eyes of others. Taken together, these factors make the difference. Let us see three strategies to make the smile the springboard that makes you see the good side of life.

Treat yourself pills joy

Happiness is an ingredient so powerful that just a pinch to infuse the right boost. In one of the experiments described by psychologist Achor enough dessert for a change (positive) the mood of some doctors, who were so successful in halving the time of a diagnosis.

How is it possible?

Even a moment of joy seemingly trivial helps the brain work better. In this state of mind, in fact, is a corresponding increase in the levels of serotonin and dopamine are two hormones that activate the areas where you process information and so allow us to think in a more polished, fast and creative, seizing opportunities that otherwise we would not have seen.

That's why Google employees have the freedom to take the dog to the office, while the brains of Facebook alternating meetings with games of ping pong.

Your company is not yet so advanced?

Before clocking, give yourself half an hour of your favorite activity. Or, when the weather in the office gets heavy, it will help you to think for a few minutes at the dinner with her friends waiting for you soon: anticipate his mind a moment of joy; kicking the 27 percent good humor.

Capitalizes the small satisfactions

To keep a positive attitude, you have to imagine your path to success as a treasure hunt as they are on the road of the coins, you take taste and undertake even more. The error to avoid is to live projected into the future, constantly thinking about a possible triumph that, for the moment, it is only in our minds: in doing so, you are likely to dry up the reserves of enthusiasm that instead is critical to move forward .
The secret to being happy and successful, therefore, is to be anchored to the present and strive to savor the small daily achievements. Whether it is a small step forward in closing a contract or a positive feedback from the boss, enjoy it to the hilt. And once savored the feeling of contentment, rolled up their sleeves and start again.

Find the spark in you

Small rewards aside, you can not convince you to be happy if it is a time when you have a thousand thoughts about your future. Impose to think positive just because this is the new diktat, it is useless and often counterproductive. Sometimes, however, the lack of enthusiasm on the job, comes from the fact that the targets we have set ourselves is not really belong to us, but are the result of other people's expectations, or of plans we made long ago and no longer match.

Then we must ask ourselves: where I'm going?
It is my aspiration that really feel?

Questions like these awaken our deepest desires and call into question, if needed, our ideal of success. And once you start to crave something, they activate their potential and you feel happy again. All this sets off a ripple effect on your professional network: because the newfound passion makes colleagues and customers will see more interesting and are more motivated to work with you.

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