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A compilation of pages written by Wikinut users, each with advice on how to improve the quality of your pages, increase your reader numbers and boost your earnings.

Where did this list come from?

There have been quite a few excellent Wikinut guides written by our authors and moderators, which are deserving of more attention. Therefore, I've listed some of the best ones below as you will undoubtedly find them of some interest.

Please note that these are authored by genuine users, not by Wikinut staff, and so although we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy you can be sure that they have been written with the best intentions.

General advice from a moderator

First up is a page by Suzalicie, which basically helps you write an all round better Wikinut page:

How to Write a Great Wikinut Page-Advice From a Moderator

Suzalicie takes you through writing titles that work, summaries that attract readers, using formatting and tags to add to your core page... it's a complete guide to writing for Wikinut and something that all users should spend a few minutes reading.

Better use of images

Next up is a smart page by Mark Gordon Brown that explains how your page can benefit from some thought about photos and pictures:

Adding Pictures to your Wikinut Page: How and Why

Mark not only talks about using images on your articles to make them more appealing to your audience, but he also explains how and why you should add an author image to your profile and when this image is used as your page preview image.

How to use Wikinut tags

Mark Gordon Brown has also written a quick page about tags:

Excellent Tags mean More Views

This guide explains how Wikinut tags work and why they are useful; it then goes on to use some examples to illustrate both good and bad uses.

You should definitely take a quick look at this guide, as tagging is something that when done correctly can massively benefit your pages from both internal and external traffic sources.

How to promote your Wikinut pages on Twitter

Once you've written the perfect page, Doreen Martel has some excellent advice on using Twitter to boost your traffic:

Make the Most of Twitter

Doreen offers a complete walk through, from getting started on Twitter, to submitting your work manually, all the way to listing some tools to help automate your promotional efforts. It's a incredibly thorough piece of work, and regardless of your level of Twitter knowledge, I'm sure you'll learn something from her.

And if you want to go full time...

...Rebecca E lists the top 10 things you'll need to start a writing business:

Starting a Writing Business: Ten Things You Need

Rebecca offers some nice tips, but please - if you do hit the big time, remember where you started out ;-)


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