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If our minds are open to the realms around us, there is so much out there to see, to hear and to feel. Spiritually and supernaturally.

Seeing Isn't Believing, Believing is Seeing

So when halloween was right around the corner there were stories popping up all over the place of hauntings, aliens, paranormal phenomena, demons, angels and the like. So many people are afraid of doing or saying certain things on halloween because they believe it is the devil's night to play tricks and bring his demons down upon earth. I am a religious person, I am highly superstitious about certain things but I find this obsession about halloween to be hilarious to me. Now, I know that some people would hear what I am about to say and think I'm crazy, schizo, or just loopy in the head but I don't really care. I know I am not, and the people close to me know as well. I have a sensitivity to the sorts of things that people fear on halloween and I can tell you that that one day is no different than any other day.

I was reading a post that a woman had placed on this paranormal website about her encounters. She truly believed she was being harrassed by a demon. She told of all the things that had happened to her, the visions she had had in broad daylight, the voice she heard hollering her name. She asked the others on the website to post their opinions and I was very saddened to read the posts. Most of the people that were members of this paranormal blog accused her of being schizophrenic. Telling her she must go and get on some meds for her serious mental disorder. The others told her to go to a church and get a priest to come and bless her house. I didn't understand how these people can be members of this site and believe that she had a mental disorder. Such close minded individuals. Stuck in the reality of their own making, that the world is all scientific, that the things that supernaturally happen can be explained by a chemical imbalance in the brain and solved with the right meds delivered into your system. They refuse to believe that there can be things that are real and unseen surrounding them. That this world is more than what appears. Like I said before I am a religious person to an extent.

I don't want to offend anyone. I believe in the higher powers and I believe in prayer, but I also believe that good and evil reign in all of us. I believe that there is no true pure evil, that there is always a balance to everything. Evil can love, and good can hate. I believe in the existence of the supernatural because I have seen it, I have felt it and I have heard it. As a child I was haunted by visions of what I considered to be a demon. Auditory and visual hallucinations as the doctors said. It wasn't a constant thing. It only happened when I did something bad and was plagued by guilt. My parents, who were very religious, always believed me. Never once thinking I needed meds to stop the visions. Over time, I learned to overcome my overbearing conscience. To this day I believe that what I was seeing and hearing was my evil side. Laughing at me, taunting me, rejoicing in the fact that I had done something bad, that it was winning. Do I still have these "visions"? No. My last "evil" encounter was when I was fourteen. That's not to say I haven't had other feelings, other visions, or other encounters. There was one night not too long ago when I was awakened by my two year olds terrified scream. I raced into his room to find him sitting up in his bed starring towards the closet. I calmly sat down on his bed beside him and asked what was wrong. He pointed to the closet, not uttering a sound but not moving his gaze either. At that moment I felt something, like a presence in the room. But it was not a frightening feeling. It was like someone was standing there but the feeling did not scare me. Though I could not see what my son saw, I knew there was something there. I asked my son again what was wrong and he slammed his hands on his thighs and irratatingly said "Sleep!" He wanted to sleep but whatever was in the room was not letting him. My son was not scared just annoyed. I picked him up and carried him into my room while giving an angry look towards the closet on my way out. My son slept peacefully all nite in my bed. Now was this some evil thing he encountered that night? I don't think so. But that encounter made me feel certain that my belief was true. There are things that go bump in the nite, there are things that go about their world unseen to us, living in parallell to us. Angels that live among us. People do not need to believe this. But think about it. Why is it that most encounters are told by a child, or someone that recalls something from their childhood? Because a child's mind is innocent and open. They have not yet been corrupted by society and it's beliefs. They have what we call "imaginary friends", they can spend hours playing with things and people that we believe are not there because we do not see them. If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child think of what could be. My point is this, seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing. If you don't believe me, ask me sometime to tell you some of the experiences and encounters I have had. I am not shy to tell.


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