Superstitions of Seven Famous People Throughout History

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History is witness to many superstitious beliefs subscribed by both ordinary and famous people including those who were leaders, kings and queens of great nations.

Belief in Superstition in Ancient Times

Prehistoric people believed that thunder and lightning are God’s ways of sending messages to them. Soothsayers and astrologers became important people who gave advice on battle tactics and war plans based on what they saw in the stars. When things didn’t go as planned, blame was assigned to the misinterpretation of star signs and also to unforeseen evil influences. This is evident when Joan of Arc was accused of being a witch and burned at the stake when she became the pawn in the political drama that unfolded between the English and the French.

You’ll be surprised at the superstitions that the famous people listed below believed in.

Christopher Columbus

While on a voyage to the New World in 1492, Christopher Columbus and his crew believed that the sharks that were following their ship signaled a bad omen of impending disaster. During the voyage, a particularly fierce storm hit them. Columbus threw a pack of playing cards into the sea which was according to custom would calm the storm and therefore placate his crew.

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII was persuaded to believe that Anne Boleyn had cast a spell on him to make him fall in love with her. Anne Boleyn was ultimately beheaded.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I was a superstitious queen who had a magician in her payroll named John Dee. The magician helped her in making decisions with regards to state affairs and war plans The magic stone that Dee used can be viewed at the British Museum.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte consulted with a clairvoyant, Madame Normand when he required advice for his war campaigns. He also believed that his dreams foretold the future. He’s also well known to assign great importance to small events, for example when his horse stumbled or when a black cat crossed his path. Before the battle of Waterloo, he dreamed of a black cat and he believed that was a bad omen and he eventually lost the battle.

King Edward VII

King Edward VII who was the British monarch from 1901 to 1910 was exceptionally superstitious. He forbade his bed turned or the linen replaced on a Friday. He believed that if his sheets were changed on a Friday, his dreams will be controlled by the Devil.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was an insanely superstitious dictator. He believed in the potency of the number seven and he’s known to seek advice from both astrologers and fortune tellers. The emblem of the Nazi, the swastika, is a known ancient symbol he believed to possess magical powers. Hitler’s belief in astrology encouraged the Allies to consult with his horoscope in order to anticipate the direction of Hitler’s battle plans.

Benito Mussolini

A good friend of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini was also a fanatically superstitious fascist tyrant. In an incident, he would change planes just because he thought that one of his fellow passengers seemed to have the evil eye (according to him).

Superstitious beliefs are not only subscribed by the common people. Famous people like the ones above were superstitious to the point that their beliefs dictated the way they lived.

How Superstitious Are You?

Watch the video below and find out how superstitious you are. You might surprise yourself to discover that anyone can be superstitious no matter how modern they feel they are.


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