Superstitious Beliefs In The Philippines

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Filipinos are predominantly Roman Catholics. Being the one and only country in the world where divorce has not yet been legalized, one might think that the Philippines is a very conservative nation. Well, contrary to other people's beliefs, our country has a very diverse culture, having been colonized by Spanish for 333 years, Americans by 52 years and Japanese by 3 years.

One Aspect of Philippine Culture

But despite all the influences of our aggressors, some parts of our traditions intrinsic in our country remain. And one of these is the so called "Pamahiin" or "Superstitious Beliefs".

I have listed down 10 of the tons of beliefs that old folks continue to impart to the young generation. These were the ones our own parents instill in our minds when we were growing up.

1. Sweeping of the floor at night
This is said to be bringing bad luck especially when you sweep the dirt straight off the door without using a dustpan.

2. Giving out handkerchief or pair of shoes as a gift.
It is said that hanky as a gift will make recipient cry whereas a pair of shoes will bring bad luck. To avoid this bad omen, the recipient should pay the giver any small amount to appear as if the recipient bought the items.

3. A baby should not kiss another baby or doll in the lips.
It is said that a baby who does this would have difficulty learning to speak.

4. Money should never come out of the window
It is as if you are throwing away a blessing such as money.

5. Putting money on top of the dining table
It means disrespect to the grace from God which is the food so this is said to result for good luck to go away.

6. Pulling strands of hair at night (as if removing lice)
It means pulling your luck off or inviting bad luck.

7. Brides should never fit her wedding gown before her actual wedding day
It is said if a bride does fit her wedding gown before her wedding day, the wedding would not push through for some reason.

8. Jumping on New Year's Eve
Old folks say that if you do this, you’ll get taller or grow faster.

9. Siblings should not wed within the same year
They say that if siblings do, it would either be a bad omen or they would have extremely opposite fate.

10. Papaya tree should not be touching any part of the house
If you grow a papaya tree in your backyard, make sure that it is far enough from your house that it could not touch any part of your house especially the roof as this would bring chaos between the married couple living there.

Most people who are non-believers may find these funny or worse, ridiculous as there seem to be no scientific research and findings that can prove the rationale behind these odd beliefs. But what I do know is that, this part of our culture will remain and will still be passed on and embraced by generations to come, for whatever they are worth.


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author avatar Denise O
27th Mar 2012 (#)

What a interesting page. Hon, most of us have our superstitions, in every country and culture, for the most part. I must admit, I am a some what superstitious myself. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar sandy72300
27th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks a lot Denise! =)

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author avatar Buzz
27th Mar 2012 (#)

You captured these aspects accurately, sandy. Thanks for sharing them to the world.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Mar 2012 (#)

Though I am not superstitious, I will not question them. They should have some basis which may not have been passed on. Thanks for the share, sandy - siva

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author avatar Lady
15th Jun 2013 (#)

Filipinos consider it as a part of our culture because they believe that there is nothing to lose if they will comply with these beliefs. (contributor)

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