Sure, we have them Commandments, but, that mysterious and unwritten Eleventh Commandment I was writing about?

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When life and reality strip you down to the bones and skeletal structure of what it means to live, the old mea culpa (Old World dead Latin language for my fault and Old World Latin slang for, "I won't get away with it") comes up. This is the universal unwritten commandment zero or eleventh commandment that always comes up when we really get out of line in life and existence. This is the reality that says, there are no foolproof crimes, especially in the mirrors we look in.

Thinking about bare bones reality, here.

Yes, the commandments of Moses, and the commandment of Jesus to love one another as I have loved you were supposed to include "everything". But we are now getting an inkling that there is something unwritten, but not missing to those great realities in those commandments. Something that is not admitted, but will fill in all of the gaps seemingly left. When all is said and done, then, "nature's real bible of genuine objective history" says more than any "man made bible" or "man edited bible" could ever say. This is where "thou shalt not get away with it" really comes in.

I mean, when the oceans recede and the past "dead bodies" thrown into the ocean and thought forgotten by time and all genuine crimes and virtues are genuinely revealed by reality. That is what I am genuinely writing about here. What I am saying about bare bones reality is that we get away with nothing, everything we leave behind gets revealed back to us at a later date that we thought "we got away with".

Sure, I could write about something less scary and "more sacred", but, reality rears its head for us all to see in the mirror, right down to "Trump still combing his hair in the morning". Note: I did not say ugly head or beautiful head, I just said, "reality rears its head for us all to see" meaning, I do not care how genuinely good or bad reality is, it is there. Remember what I said about "mea culpa" in the beginning of this article.

The skeleton in the closet cannot forever be hidden, and the silvergirl will sail on even in calm or choppy waters, but our reality is always there to haunt, please or neutralize us when we get out of hand in any direction, positive or negative. Reality will put us in our place any way it goes.

One night, last night, I was shaving in the mirror, I looked deeply into my own eyes and realized all of this all at once. Sure, I always know what's going on, but when you realize fully that you shall not get away with it, that is it.

You can't run, you can't hide, this is the other side:

Well, Jim Morrison or James Douglas Morrisson was famous for crooning about breaking on through to the other side. Well, here is the other side in a nutshell: You cannot escape conscience or the mirror, no matter how hard or nicely you try. Sure, the men who got the gold in the motion picture "Kelly's Heroes" starring Clint Eastwood who stole the Nazi gold after they realized they were being used as pawns and wanted to profit and "get the big men back for using them as pawns" came close to escaping conscience, but they probably ultimately did not. After all, I remember the last scene where the soldiers' captain realized what happened in that bank and the look on his face when he realized that he had been "left out of the loop" or dropped from the action that was happening like his Father in Law played memorably by Carroll O'Connor, General Colt. So, my point is not about the movie "Kelly's Heroes". My point is this: The other side is the reality we all see in the mirror and when we probe deeply into it, and not some mysterious reality we cannot get a handle on that only is realized after death. You shall not get away with it.

Right now, I am thinking of Hugh Marston Hefner and George Herbert Walker Bush, not in a bad way or a good way, but in a neutral way in that reality has a way of catching up with us all, good and bad. That is all. Reality is the scale for us all, that is all. Wall exhibits in heaven or hell? I have to agree with the blind poet John Milton there. It is in our minds as well as our mirrors really what we get rewarded or penalized for. The rest is just a good guess or bad guess by man, woman, or more. Like I said, you can't run, you can't hide, this is the other side. We all have to judge and justify ourselves accurately, before we judge or justify anything.

We shall not get away with it.

We never do. Especially in our own minds, spirits and our own mirrors. That is what I come down to, and this article comes down to. If this can be admitted easily, we will have evolved to the end of evolution, I think. Because knowing reality is the highest point of reality. Getting away with it is the lowest point. Put the dead body in the deepest part of the ocean or incinerate it, and you will still know you killed and you did it somehow in your mind. Do a good deed without acknowledgement of any sort, except that you know you did it and the same will happen on the opposite end of the spectrum, the good end. We shall not get away with it.


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