Survival! (Concerning Water)

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Living beings can all survive without many things, but water is not one of them. I am not choosy about that either because I understand the needed importance and reality of water. Sure, I will drink "the bottled stuff", but mostly, I drink tap water, the most free and important drink on earth. I mean, without water, we cannot even think and I will explain that in the first main section.

The fluid the brain floats in, and how the brain connects axons and neurons in that fluid

Face it, the brain floats in mostly water, and without that water-based solution, nothing would connect or "gel rightly" and that fluid is very close to alkaline based water in the skull. Also, the brain-muscle connections in the body have the same water based solutions running them. The point to all this? We cannot survive, move or think without water. Without water, the body reduces to a few chemicals and then a powdered substance that is not much at that.

Start thinking in this way about water, and you will realize that it is the most important drink and solution on the face of the earth to living things. Did I mention that plants cannot grow without water? Actually, I thought about that fact as I was watering my trees out in my apartment courtyard, and thought about it deeply.

Blood even reduces to water. Really, without water, the cells just sit there anyway, they cannot be active. Look at when your skin scabs.

Strangely enough:

So much reduces to water, that I cannot count the ways easily and quickly. So, I will just say this: Notice your surroundings and reality a little better, even a little and you will notice how much we all need water.

All things aside, the saying that "Water is Life" is really an honest fact as well as fully truthful. Sometimes, you can starve a person and they would still live, but deprive them of water fully, and they are already dead. Even in a "samadhi water vessel" or "spiritual float tank" you are floating in water to have a spiritual experience, what does that tell you?


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