Survival tips as sea after a bad storm

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Survival at the sea can be a long grueling experience that will require one to have courage and hope if they want to make it to land safely and live on much longer in life.

Survival tips as sea after a bad storm

Going for a sail on the sea is a thrilling experience for people who love adventuring. But when the storms comes while one is at sea and the boat capsizes or sinks then, the person will have to employ some survival tips until they get to the land or get help while at sea. Survival at the sea can be a long grueling experience that will require one to have courage and hope if they want to make it to land safely and live on much longer in life. The best thing for anyone stuck at sea after a bad storm is to hold onto their strength and not loose hope at all.

If on the boat the boat or ship there is a life raft, then it is better to use it rather than a dinghy. The life raft will offer a more stable support than the dinghy. It is also wise to grab onto anything that will help the person float on the water until they get some help or float to land. If the individual was wearing a life jacket so much the better, though that may be a tall order given the circumstances that led to the accident, especially if the storm took the person by surprise. If one can get hold of anything plastic like food containers, or even a piece of wood then they will be able to float on the sea until help comes or they float away to any nearby land. Swimming is another option but however, one will need to conserve all the energy they need unless they are near the land then swimming to the seashore is a good idea.

Another decision that the person has to make is whether to swim away from the boat or stay near it. If one thinks that they are near any shipping lanes then staying near the boat is the best choice, because they can get help from other boats who will pass by sooner or later. One should head to land if they know which direction they are going too, otherwise they may get stuck on a land where there are no people at all and may never get help.

If one has a life raft then they should carry along as much warm clothing as they can. These should be windproof or waterproof clothing, that will keep them warm on the sea. When one is the raft they should try and stay dry as much as they can. The combination of wind and wet clothes could easily cause hypothermia.

The person should also try as much as possible to limit any physical activity, which will cause them to sweat and become dehydrated in the process. If one can make a sun shade using sails or tarp it will protect them from the heat coming from sun during the day. Wearing of wet clothes during the day will help the person to keep cool and sweat less.

If one is able to shield their skin from the harshness of the sun and the salty water so much the better, the combination of both can damage the skin badly, if one has a sunscreen they should apply it onto their skin or if they can get hold of any form of grease it can help their skin from getting damaged.

One is able trap rainwater when it rains while at sea then they can use it for drinking, since salty water is not good for consumption, if one can use a water bottle to collect drinking water so much the better. All this one can do depending on what they have around them for survival. The best thing one should also do is try and stay positive as much as possible, they will need that hope to see them through the rough time of being stuck at sea.


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