Surviving terrorist attack

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Here you can find all you need to survive in a terrorist attack.

First stage of survival

Heard multiple gun shots fired?
Probable terrorist attack?
Don't know what to do?

"Be calm, hold your nerve"

Find some proper cover. Hiding under the table won't help you. Good place may be one, which is a strong and thick. Something like a support beam or pillar is an ideal place.
This is because support beams or pillars can protect you from bullets and also light scale explosion such as a hand grenade.


Now you can see around the pillar and look for any probable survivors who are also hiding like you. Group with them, If the terrorists are facing away form you sneak to the other survivor as running will catch the attention of the terrorist.

Grouping with others is better as it gives rise to more ideas on how to escaping and if necessary you will be able to stand your ground(I.e. stay and fight).

second stage of survival

After you have grouped together (If) with others look for possible ways of escape. Using the fire exit is preferable. Do not Use escalators or lifts in any case.

There is a good chance that the terrorists are on the ground floor for the earlier part of their attack to prevent people from escaping. Later when the authorities arrive, they will move to higher levels of the building to get a vantage. This is your best chance of escape if you are near the entrance. Following where the terrorists are will help you plan your way out.

Third stage of survival

If you spot a single terrorist approaching your way. This is a great opportunity for making your chances of survival increase. Grab any weapon you can find such as broken glass, a simple pocket knife, or any sharp-edged weapon. Hide in a dark corner place which is hard to spot.
Once the terrorist has moved past you can stab your weapon form his back. Target a soft spot like back of the neck, but be swift in it as you cannot take any chances.

Once the terrorist is dead. Use his Armour and weapons for your escape. Improvise anything you can from the available resources. Find a way to car parking or fire exit.

Once you are out chances are that the security personnel's may be out side waiting and they may think of you as a terrorist. so move out with your hands in the air you can explain to them later what happened.


Any survival is not pre planned. Stay calm, use your common sense.

Important tips for survival :-

> find cover
> inform your police authorities
> if you are lucky enough to kill a terrorist use his Armour and weapons to your advantage.
> Try to find the safest way of escape(usually car parking or fire exit).
> When moving out always move with hands in the air so that the police may not think you are a terrorist

All the Best if you ever find your self in such situation.


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