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Banana cheesecake cold

Banana cheesecake cold, which is a delicious dessert that you'll like. Simple to prepare, year-round mega tasty! I know I adore banana and is one lean, even better version. Banana Cheesecake disappears in a few moments, is soft, sweet and ... banana :)

I have prepared on the basis of cottage cheese, banana and jelly, so going to like this of you who for some reason do not like gelatin, but jelly is ok :) Overall dessert you can in the same way to make use of other fruits and jelly. Every time you come out delicious. Enjoy your meal.

Recipe for Banana Cheesecake
time: 30 minutes + cooling
Number of servings : form 27 cm or 25x27 cm
1 kg curd
1 kg of bananas
juice of half a lemon
lemon jelly + 100 ml of boiling water
3 tablespoons sugar (or more to taste)
Sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla
150 g of biscuits
jelly kiwi and gooseberry + 300 ml of boiling water
My advice

sugar with vanilla how to make
curd any - both traditional as well as can be with bucket - goes to each , some smooth as those biedronkowe will no longer see the point tężały or another
of your comments I know that the more liquid cheese with a bucket or serkach homogenised mass solidifies longer, freeze it anyway , and if you want faster results then you might want to add to the cheese two jelly just the same, if you see that as you something freezes and you care about the time (!) implicated the other jelly - folks need to save the desserts , like something you did not do and do not wring your hands! :) Keep my fingers crossed :)

Preparation of banana cheesecake
Bananas (two hang for decoration ! ) Crushed in a bowl . Sprinkle with lemon juice.
Preparation of banana cheesecake
I add cottage cheese and mix together (bananas in addition to disintegrate into smaller , but noticeable part). I add sugar, vanilla and dissolved in boiling water and lemon jelly ( jelly before adding to przestygła allowed to stand , but it may be warm) . I mix everything thoroughly .
Preparation of banana cheesecake
The form of galvanized recommend put foil food ( I lecture on the sides , because the bottom will be and so biscuits ) . Why ? Because they get Oxidizing and then the sides of cheesecake will be grayish and metallic aftertaste , I really do not like this . At the bottom I put the biscuits .
Preparation of banana cheesecake
I translate a whole lot .
Preparation of banana cheesecake
I'm hiding in the fridge to all froze . It is about 2-3 hours , but it depends on the cheese and settings of your refrigerator.
Preparation of banana cheesecake
On top cut and arrange the sliced ​​bananas and pour przestudzoną or gooseberry jelly kiwi (green in my opinion it looks nice , but it can be any other :)) . Jelly should be lukewarm, not hot to not intermarried with the cottage cheese mass . I'm hiding in the fridge until harden and ready. Enjoy your meal.


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Never tasted this - thanks for the share - siva

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