THe lie marine aquariums say about letting orcas go free.

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Is it true what the curator of the Miami Seaquarium says that if they let go an orca it will die soon? He claims Lolita will die just as he claims, that Keiko the whale who starred in the movie Free Willy died? Here is the truth. The reader can make an educated guess after reading this article.

What the Miami Seaquarium has been doing that is horrible?

On January 17, 2015, there was a special "Miracle March for Lolita" in Miami chosen because Lolita is held captive in Miami Seaquarium. The curator of Miami Seaquarium, the man who is keeping Lolita captive for the last 45 years, is Robert Rose. Rose told television reporters that if they let Lolita go it would be like when the animal advocates got Keiko the orca, free. Keiko was the star of the movie many of you will probably remember, Free Willy. Robert Rose and all the marine parks know they need these orcas to make money. These orcas also attract visitors to the marine parks, and more visitors mean more revenue to those venues that hold them captive.. They are getting worried because more people are demanding that orcas that are held in captivity be set free. There are animal advocates who are focusing on Lolita.

A quick look at Lolita the orca

Lolita is almost 50 years old as it is believed she was born sometime between the years of 1966-1967. She was living free in an area near the city of Seattle in Washington state in the United States. She was captured a long time ago on August 8, in the year 1970. If the guessed year of her birth is correct she was captured at either three or four years old.
This orca named Lolita has the curator of Miami Seaquarium, Robert Rose as saying that if Lolita was set free, what would happen to her. He told you" I mean, she's gonna die, without question. They are going to take her out there and do exactly the same thing they did to Keiko, which is to kill him."

How Keiko was set free

Keiko was in a Mexico City marine park called the Reino Aventura, papilloma nd it was here he lived since 1985. While he was there, he papilloma-virus, and his health was getting worse very quickly.
In 1994-1995, the animal activists started a movement to Free Keiko that marine parks told those in the movement that they shouldn't count on it as it isn't going to happen. Quickly his health deteriorated. The Reino Aventura made a deal to set Keiko free the worst ended up happening. The worst thing that happened was that marine parks ruined it, and Reino Aventura decided not to let her free.
Finally, the animal activists bought him from the Mexico City park, and they took him to the United States. In January 1996 they gave him a fantastic pool to swim in and get better, They were getting Keiko better so that they could put him in a sea pen in Iceland. In the Oregon pool, he became stronger and recovered and ended up virus free. Then he also gained many pounds that he lost in captivity. The activists who put him here were delighted. They then put him in the summer of 1999 he was introduced to a sea pen in Iceland.
The pen in the sea off Iceland was an exquisite sea pen. In the Iceland Sea pen, he thrived, and was strong and didn't have health problems anymore. He was allowed to go out of his sea pen into the sea around Iceland. . He was quite the great hunter of his food in the sea pen. It is sad what ended up happening to him because he was doing so great. He was so happy in Iceland in his sea pen, Every day they let him leave his sea pen because he always came back after he was finished swimming everyday.

How Keiko became a captive again and his death.

Keiko one day did something that was quite unusual for him, That one day in 2002 he never came back to his sea pen like he always did. He was never seen in the Iceland Sea pen again. . It ended up he came upon a wild orca pod that wasn't related, but he still went with them. He never returned to his pen.
What happened was he ended up in Norway in captivity. He didn't live longer than a year dying in 2003 from a lung infection. And despite what Robert Rose, curator of Miami Seaquarium made it sound making it seem like Keiko was set free and died soon after. But Keiko had seven more years of life. Had he stayed in Mexico City is an almost absolute he would have never lived past 1997 if he were lucky. He was more likely expected to die by 1996. Sure he died, there was no denial but he died in captivity from a lung infection. He probably acquired while he was in captivity in Norway. He had seven great years of hunting and swimming and living a natural life of an orca. The way orcas should live in the wild..


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