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The only control is self-control as the only genuine and most effective help there is can be self-help if done right.

Behave yourself

Nothing gives you more power over yourself than integrity with yourself. Sure, honesty and truth are fine and dandy. But total integrity is life's real treat and pleasure when you have it. In fact, that is what I mean by genuinely behaving yourself. The greatest genuine leaders were not the ones who won the most battles or had the best uniforms in anything. They were the ones with the most integrity and genuinely great behavior from the ground up.

As is said, a structure is only as good as its foundation. So is a situation or a reality. If it is built on a lie overall, it will ultimately come out. If it is built on honesty and integrity, that will genuinely and ultimately come out too. All actions obvious and hidden are a part of all behavior. In fact, I can say that motivation is the total power behind and before everything good and bad.

Look, apparent things are just surface chatter. Start looking deeper. Start being deeper if you want to really do something also. This is what it comes down to. We all always have a choice.

On perfection.

There is no such thing as perfection! But, when you have genuine integrity with yourself and for yourself consistently, that is the closest thing to perfection in life and existence really.

To my way of thinking and being, what I wrote above is the honest, unvarnished truth about it all, or as close to it as I could get. Reality is only as good as its foundations, I said above? That is an honest reality that cannot be denied by even the worst individual crook there is. Even the perfectly worst person without any "redeeming grace" can admit that integrity that is genuine is the only thing close to perfection in life. Heck, Hitler even said so a couple of notably quotable times in Mein Kampf in his own screwy way, read it closely and understand what I mean. Even the worst among us has a sense of the desire for honesty and integrity. After all what motivates a liar to "try to get away with it"? I think that it is the genuine desire for integrity and greatness through integrity only in a desperate sense.

Taking hold of your life means genuinely having integrity, no matter what. Even if you do or do not like having the integrity at the time that you have it. The most powerful and perfect integrity there is really could be that consistent integrity that you have no matter what that puts you on a roll that cannot be thwarted even by undesirable circumstances that come up and have to be dealt with.

So, in a sense, perfection does exist as not only an idea, but an ideal that works when impartiality is reached in action, decision and deep thought. What I mean by deep thought is real consciousness as George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff put it: "That state beyond normal sleep where genuine conscience is born." Sure, like me, George Gurdjieff taught what he most needed to learn, but the ideal and perfect vessel and circumstance is within the person who rises up above their unconsciousness, lying, imperfection and foolishness to have conscience, realistic thinking, honesty and all of those good things in reality.

So, real perfection comes down to not a given thing, but, rising above your imperfections with effort and realistic conscience. The two hardest things in existence. So, I would like to end this section with a variation on a Jimmy Cliff song called "Struggling Man" and I quote him with a few changes proper for this article:

"Every person has a right to live
Love is all that we have to give
Together we struggle by your will to survive
Then together we fight just to stay alive

Struggling person has got to move
Struggling person, no time to lose
I'm a struggling person
And I've got to move on

As the sun lights the day and the moon lights the night
Struggling person keeps reaching for the higher heights
So we plan for tomorrow as we live for today
Like a flower we bloom and then later fade away

Struggling person has got to move
Struggling person, no time to lose
I'm a struggling person
And I've got to move on

Struggling person has got to move
Struggling person, no time to lose
I'm a struggling person
And I've got to move on

Struggling person, struggling person
Struggling person, struggling person
Struggling person, struggling person"

So, my ending commentary to this section: It is the struggle to create perfection that makes perfection. Perfection is not a given. Given perfection is a mind created idea. Created and earned perfection is achievable. Come on, you should know where I am going with this by now. Men and women, sisters and brothers, have conscience, think for yourself and start really living honestly. That is as close to perfection as we all get.


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23rd Feb 2015 (#)

It is hard for a person who feels they have no power in life to be able to change things to take control of their life but they should try.

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