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Think: Life is more than something we go through like amoeba beings. To go through it well, we must have consciousness and conscientiousness, bad or good. To get through the bad to the good, we must be patient, create understanding, and cultivate tolerance. I know, some of this sounds like combinations of Benjamin Banneker and Benjamin Franklin, but in life we must have these things in order to be successful beyond average.

The "talented alcoholic" verus the talented achiever, who wins?

The achiever who does prodigiously exploiting themselves versus the loser who can take a lot of alcoholic drinking by the gallon, without apparent effects, exploiting their negative tolerances. Now that I made the title sound as bad as it is, who really does win? I know the achiever wins, even if that old, aged Scotch is imbibed like so much water. I start off like this for a reason: My Uncle William Eugene Porter, (1946-1995) was a "genuinely talented alcoholic" from drinking age of twenty-one, on. He hid his delirium tremors so well that he even got a private fourth floor hospital room which he jumped out of the window of in 1984. He survived that, and lived eleven or twelve more years, and soon as he could walk again, he got drunk and repeated the process almost to the letter, except he did not jump out of another window, but he did die in 1995 of a brain blood clot and cirrhosis of the liver, among other health problems he hid well until "The End".
I tell you this story, to cool your heels on using your talents wrong, and use the same energy to use your talents right. My Uncle used a lot of energy to hide that pain when he could have used that pain to do something of real consequence and talent. Using it right may take "more energy, work and better expectations", but, premature death, misery and self-destructiveness is always harder. I also tell that story to show, that the easy way out is always the hardest way there is.
So, what is talent anyway? What is real achievement? What is real winning? The most genuinely powerful human egos achieve something genuine anyway and have the most self-esteem doing it. This paragraph, I am stealing from the work of Nathaniel Branden, with a little bit of my stamp on it: The talented achiever is too egotistical to have negative talent or genuinely destructive inclinations and they are driven to succeed genuinely. I may have had "that talented alcoholic uncle" as a kid, and I may have been made fun of and put down and in special education as a "Severely Emotionally Disturbed student" that hated school so much that he attended maybe a two weeks out of a whole semester until about the fourth grade. But, I will say this: It drives me. It drives me to greatness and it will drive me to greatness like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Ferdinand Foch with his visualizations and winning wars, Dwight David Eisenhower with his dyslexia and fondly remembered U.S. Presidency, Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi with his interpretation of Einstein's Relativity equation, Elijah McCoy and his inventions, Henry Ford with his car business, George Washington Carver with his knowledge of natural and organic chemistry, etc., etc. I could go on listing, but you who are really reading this get the idea.
So, if you are really reading this, you know who wins.

Everything is a situation and it depends on what we do with it.

We can let things get us down or we can truly be "up" about it all and make it work in our favor. It is all our choice. But, consider the title seriously, "everything is a situation, and it depends on what we do with it." Is there anything more real, true and honest in life and existence than that? No. I can tell you why.
When I say that reality is a good thing, I know that sometimes that will not be universally believed or accepted, but, it is accepted by me: Reality is a good thing. We can either take the opportunity it all give us or waste it on foolishness.
The ridiculous comes down to being talented in a negative, destructive way, though. The good is only achieved by those who do not give up.
Another anecdote: Once, radio and television personality Howard Stern mentioned a banquet Joan Rivers had at her house on one of his radio shows. There were loose snacks around the living room that consisted of snack cakes, potato chips and the like that were appetizers, most guests at the party got filled up on those and some light beer or soda and left the party. But for those that skipped the appetizers, the real meal consisting of pot roast, and all the really good cuisine, fine wines and the like, and could wait long enough through the light fare and "silly conversation", the real party happened with good food and meaningful people according to Howard Stern. Get the point of this anecdote: Settle and you get what you pay for. Put out effort, expect the best and you ultimately get it. Everything is a situation and it depends on what we do with it. The talented achiever wins!


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