Taking Decisions Instantly and Have the Better Life

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thinking deeply, consulting many people, pondering too much and taking decisions is the format of ancient traditional one. If you want t see a different and better world, you take quick decisions and instant decisions. Do not think too much. The power of instant decision is more powerful than so - called the decisions of thinking too much, Be a quick decisions maker, be a member of a different world member and better world.

Different and Better world - Taking decisions on Spot

Decisions are Everyday Part of our Lives

In every day of our lives, the impact of decisions shows more. Decisions are our part of every day life. Until now, people have thought that the long processed and slow decisions are very good decisions and these decisions will yield good results. the majority of the people followed the same path as it was supposed to be so. But, recent experiments and scientific analysis proved that the decisions on blink are more powerful and successful than the traditional ones. If you want to decide any one, the quick decisions are far more powerful than the prolonged ones. the instant decisions are far more apt than the think too much decisions. So, in every day part of our lives, we take quick decisions as many times as possible. It causes we can create a new kind of different world.

Microscopic Review versus Instant Decision

Generally, when we have a problem, we think of the problem too much and take the decision. But, it does not give any positive result. The decision after thinking too much of time does not impact on the problem. The instant decision is much more powerful because instant decision does take the most powerful impact on the problem. I personally experimented on the three or four problems, observed and got the good and positive results. When I took the instant decisions and put into the over review and took the decisions, I did not get any positive ones. So, take the decisions always when the problem is too hot but not it is too cold.

Difference between Instant Decisions and Prolonged Decisions

It may be a big debate on to be discussed. When we take a quick decisions in a blink of time, we use our intuition and common sense. When we take instant decisions, we consentrate on and took on the current problem very strongly and we can show the great importance on the very core of the problem. So, we can take the right decision appropriately. Otherwise, we viewed and reviewed and put into the microscope, then our concentration is deviated from its core to the side tracks. We start thinking not only core problem but its branched and sub branched out problems too. So, we take decisions in a wrong way. Instantly, our common sense and intuition impacts on the problem. Therefore, it is better to take instant decisions compared to prolonged decisions.

Practical Examples of Two girls

Recently, I have two practical experiences of two girls who are my students in a degree college. The first girl name is Sailaja. She loved her senior boy student in turn he also loved her. One day he proposed her. She instantly took the decision and married him even if her parents and relatives did not agree. In course of time, they changed their mind and accepted her and him. So, the matter was settled. Having taken the decision instantly, she was very happy with her lover husband and her newly born children. Her intuition and common sense made her take immediate decision and it worked out very well as it impacted on its very root of the problem. Let's take the experience of the other girl. Her name is Pravallika. She was also my degree student. She was also in love with her classmate. One day the boy proposed her. She liked him very much and wanted to marry him only. She was not able to take the decision instantly She thought about him, discussed the problem his proposal at home with his family members Because of this discussion, the problem of his proposal created so sub problems. She forgot about the core problem and the sub problems became the bigger ones. She looked and observed every suggestion of the family members. Finally she was in total fix. She was not able to take decision at all. The guy who proposed her took a decision and married another girl.


So, believe in your intuition and take instant decisions as many times as possible. Much thought about a problem deviates the core problem and take consideration into the side problems. Be a quick decision maker and have the better life


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