Taking The Stress Out Of Relocation

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A brief overview of how to reduce the stress of relocation - with many practical tips.

Relieving The Stress Of Moving

There are many reasons for relocation. It’s a relatively common thing these days, with a global economy that has to continually pump out an increasing amount of internationalized business. You might relocate a little closer to home, perhaps for a job or to study at college – however you could just as easily need to relocate further afield.

According to the UN there were 200 million people working outside of their home country. Mark Nestmann of Financial Sense says that the number of American expatriates is around 50,000 per year and rising. There are many people who go to work in Britain, with a substantial amount U.S. expats in England – with the most popular destination being London.

Relocating, particularly to farther flung areas of the globe can be a very stressful time. In fact, moving anywhere even if it’s just a short while away can be quite emotionally draining at times. So, let’s look at some tips that can help take the stress out of relocation and help make the whole experience a little more pleasant.

Do Your Research

Part of the stress of relocating comes from the uncertainty. Do I have the right visa? Is my passport valid? What’s it going to be like? Can I buy the same kind of orange juice that I like? It might sound a little silly, but these are all legitimate questions that can prey on your mind.

However, the fact of the matter is that much of this anxiety can be quelled by doing some research to make sure you know all the salient facts. Consider looking in the following places;

• A ‘Rough Guide’ – Every location has a travel book it seems, and these can be very good for answering any questions you might have as well as shining a light on some things that you might not have thought about like local customs. These customs can be especially important to observe, as something considered normal in your own culture may be considered offensive in another – such as in places with very formal social customs like Japan.
• The Internet – By surfing the web you can get some really good information that is genuinely useful, and you can learn a lot. It’s all about making sure you have all the information you need to make the process of relocation more pleasant. You can also find relocation services that are relevant to your destination, for example the specific furniture hire London has to offer will be well suited to the surrounding area whereas a company based in your own country might not have the same local knowledge and experience.
• Communities – There are probably a large amount of people working already in the place of your relocation that come from a similar background. Whether that’s Americans in London, Brits in Dubai or whoever and wherever else – there’s usually a big community you can join. You can sign-up to some web forums or research local social clubs for when you arrive. Social life is important to maintain, and it’s difficult to do when you’re taken out of your comfort zone – so getting to know the local communities is a great way to make the entire experience a little bit less alien, in addition to finding some useful information.

The more you know about where you’re going the fewer surprises. A good idea is to look at a map such as the ones on Bing or Google and use the streetside view functionality to get a feel for the place. You can look up the address of where you’re staying and search around for the nearest supermarkets and other amenities ahead of time – which is very useful and can put your mind at ease.

Take Some Comforts From Home

When you’re relocating it’s quite easy to become homesick, because we all get a little set in our ways and get used to things. There are so many small things that you might not think of that are different when abroad. For example, you might be used to a certain type of coffee that isn’t available – so it’s often a good idea to take some things like this with you to make the transition a little smoother.

There is a multitude of different things you could take, perhaps just a comfortable piece of clothing or a book. It all helps to make the process of relocation a little bit smoother and can calm you down in what is often a stressful time. This is especially true for children, so taking some comforts like a favourite toy or game can make the situation a lot more bearable for them – particularly as they might not fully understand the situation.

There are many tips for relocating with children, and making sure they have some home comforts is important to ease the transition – particularly when moving for an unspecified amount of time for work or not fully moving a family’s belongings.

Test The Water

If you’re relocating for business reasons then it’s often wise to take a little trip out to the place you’re relocating to in order to get a feel for the place. You may find that it’s not for you and you’d rather not move, or you might love it and realise that you definitely want the job.

Experiencing a place first hand is the best thing for testing the water if you’re able to do it. No amount of research will be able to match the feeling of actually being there. It’s a top tip for relocating closer to home too, if you’re moving then make sure you make the effort to check out the area ahead of time.

Think About Hobbies

It’s a funny thing but many expatriates may become very bored in a new area. This is especially true if moving with a family, as everyone in the household will want something to do. You probably don’t know that many people in your new location so you might find yourself struggling to figure out what to do in your downtime.

Of course, at first it might be very exciting – but many expatriates in particular find themselves bored down the line when they’re used to the new location. There are a few ways to fight this though, and they can be quite productive too. You could even think about perhaps taking up some amateur photography, which will enable you to improve your skills and ensure you have many pictures to show people back home.

Many people find themselves becoming movie buffs without the social life that they’re used to, and watching a film is a good way to stave off moments of downtime. You can take up a more productive hobby though, perhaps a new sport or fitness regime for example. You could also get involved with some local charity work if you’re struggling to fill the hours, this can be very rewarding.

Relocation Relaxed

You need to make sure you’re well-equipped with everything you need in order to make the process of relocating much smoother and more relaxed. There’s no reason why there should be overly stressful moments when you’re well-prepared and fully know what to expect.

There are a huge amount of people who have relocated out there, so just remember that you’re not alone and you’ll hopefully find the process much more enjoyable. As it should be!

Thanks for reading. Please check out the rest of my work on WikiNut. I’d especially recommend reading “Budget Planning: Time is Money”.

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Very interesting post!! Bravo!

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Also - try to learn the language of the place you are visiting. Locals are more welcoming if you make an effort

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