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My subject is not too different from those articles that are already published online and are pointing out some tips how to choose the desired website name. However, I may stand for it that my take is something different in choosing a desired domain name which can also be used as a website name.

Focus for a name that suggests many ideas

In choosing for a Web site name you should focus for a name that suggests hundreds or even thousands of interesting, informative and educational subject of ideas. So, before you can start building your Web site - you should look for a name or find a name that best suits for your site. During my early years of blogging activities, I have had gathered some interesting ideas for names for a website or a blog site. Of course, there are hundreds or even thousands of best suggestions that you can find them just around you if you would have the interest to look for them.

There is no shop for website names

Below are ten suggestions, I have had gathered from those years I was so excited with my online blogging activities such as -

1. Play with your complete name. From your name you can find a name suits for your Web site.
2. Describe your profession and your products. You can create the best names for your site from your loved profession and your products.
3. Consider your resume. There are lot of names for your Web site your resume can suggest.
4. Make fun with your social networks. From social networking you can create awesome names for your site.
5. Consider the subject you often love to write. You can find name from your subject topic.
6. Consider the perfect Science which is mathematics. It deals numbers. Numbers have meanings.
7. Visit a library. The place is full of interesting things like published articles, news stories, videos, etc. use them as your references.
8. Visit a park. There are many people have used the park for relaxation. And by seeing them and watching them you can write down your observation. Use them as your references.
9. Visit a zoo. The zoo caters different types and kinds of animals and other endangered species. Their names can suggest a name for your Web site.
10. Lastly, do not ignore your dictionary. A dictionary caters millions of words with their meanings and you can use them as your references.

A name that suggests hundreds of ideas

Below is a name of a Web site which is already lively kicking off to its third year time frame online. The name was derived from combining the four words: Wiki, Nut, Awe and Some from an English dictionary. Each word has its own meaning and when combined together as one word - it speaks and suggests thousands of relevant subjects and ideas.

Wiki a Hawaiian word - meaning quick

It is said that the word Wiki is a Hawaiian word - meaning quick. An online encyclopedia defines Wiki as an application typically a web application which allows collaborative modification of its content and structure. In a typical Wiki - text is written using a simplified mark-up language also known as Wiki Mark-up.

Here are groups of words related to Wiki, such as: Wikipedia, Internet, Encyclopedia, Google, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Search, Dictionary, Blog, Wikia, Knowledge, Vandalism, Research, Uncyclopedia, Web, Website, Information, Nerd, Online and Wikiality.

Meaning of nut in Urban dictionary

While the word Nut in Urban dictionary - is the act of ejaculation; as a noun means Semen. There are words related to Nut based from the Urban dictionary definition like nuts, balls, testicles, crazy, cum, sack, scrotum, penis, sex, and dick. (Note: I used the above definition for Nut for educational purposes only). Of course, the word Nut in other English dictionaries have other meanings.

Awe a slang term spoken in Cape Town, South Africa

The word Awe is an overwhelming feeling of reverence admiration with fear and wonder. Its synonyms: filled with wonder, wonderstruck, awestruck, amazed, astonished, lost for words, open-mouthed and reverential.

Other dictionary defines it as one of the most commonly used slang terms and most spoken in Cape Town, South Africa and the most used slang word across all races in the country. Words related to Awe: bad, terrible, horrible, aw, shit, disgusting, shitty, stupid, ugly, cool, crappy, lame, nasty and sucks.

Some for someone or something that is unknown

While the word Some - is use to refer to someone or something that is unknown or unspecified. Words related to some: awesome, i, me, shit, get, you, of, on, sex, awe, a and, for to, something, got, is, people and the fuck.

Looking at the above definitions of the words - you can imagine that the name Wikinut Awesome which is the result of combining the four words have suggested several subjects, topics and ideas.

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author avatar ppruel
6th Dec 2015 (#)

This article serves as the first move I have had acted upon. As you know for the past few months, I was under attacked by lonesomeness and longings due to the lose of my half life which is my beloved wife - who had died last July 24th of 2015 leaving me to our three loving children to take care of. Yes. I admit it is really hard to become a single dad though I have to accept it and take the responsibility of a mother and a father for my children.

Thank you Steve and other wikinut moderators and to all wikinut writers for your time and efforts maintaining the site through your awesome and interesting published pieces on the site. Missing you all...have a nice Sunday...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Dec 2015 (#)

Welcome back Paul, I am sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of your dear wife. I can only imagine how you feel bereft.

You have written about Wikinut Awesome and I did not attach this much meaning or significance to the title.

Hope to read more of yours and I wish you solace and luck - siva

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author avatar ppruel
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Thank you Sir Siva for your concern. Appreciated.

Got your point regarding Wikinut Awesome - Yes and I admit it does not actually attached directly to the article title - but in some points of my personal view, Wikinut Awesome has indeed connected with the title. The title suggests about advertising as well as marketing.

I had chosen Wikinut Awesome as example to justify my topic, By this example I was able to show up what it takes when the four different words are combined together and has produced a name for a website as well as a domain name for a particular site. And it justifies to one of the ten suggestions I had mentioned above in choosing a website name.

Again, thank you see you around...

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