Taurus 2013 Horoscope Predictions

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What's in store for Taurus in 2013? Taurus Horoscopes for the Year Ahead 2013

Opportunities and Challenges for Taurus in 2013

Taurus Opportunities and Challenges in 2013

There will be the chance to build on your friendships and love relationships in 2013 with Saturn in your opposite sign. As a Taurean you thrive in partnerships where there is faithfulness and trust. Mixing with friends and colleagues who will return your loyalty in equal measure will encourage you to commit yourself to partnerships as you work in unison towards your mutual aims.

The future looks bright when relationships are strong. Saturn can however put difficulties in the way and depending on how you cope with these, it will either feel as if you are overcoming problems together, or they are forcing you apart. If it is the latter it may turn out you and a partner are incompatible. Not all relationships can be wonderful and you will start to recognise the type of people you get on best with in 2013.

Taurus Opportunities in 2013

Most opportunities will come your way in a quiet and even quite secretive fashion. You will be approached tentatively by people who put suggestions to you, wanting to know your reaction before going any further with these ideas. With Uranus in your private zone it might feel as if careful plans made behind-the-scenes are suddenly turned upside down, the moment they are made public. This is no bad thing. Providing you prepare yourself for all possibilities, you will have already worked out how to handle possible objections or rejections.

Travel can be exciting in 2013 but a little daunting too when journeys made could lead to big changes in your life especially if you were born between 27th April and 6th May.

For all Taureans, the first half of the year will provide the chance for you to build on your resources and increase your income. Sudden gains are possible or a small windfall could come your way. If you're careful with your cash, you should be able to find ways to stretch it a little further. Wise investments will help make your future look more secure. Splashing out on here-today-gone-tomorrow pleasures will be fun at the time but if you give in to this whim, later in 2013 you will look back on this and wish you'd been more sensible in the handling of your finances earlier on.

Taurus Challenges in 2013

Emotions should not be allowed to get the better of you in tense and difficult situations. Taureans rarely lose their temper but when they do, everyone knows about it. Count to ten when you feel yourself getting riled. Try to understand that not everyone sees situations as you do. It might seem as if they're being awkward as they approach issues from different angles but their versatility could help you find solutions to problems.

Later in the year delayed repayments of money you loaned out earlier will make you wonder whether you will ever get it back. You might realise there are some people who aren't as conscientious as you are and who will always make excuses as to why they can't fulfil their promises. Eventually you will stop expecting anything from them and as this occurs, you will see each other less and less.

But whereas there are some relationships that will deteriorate, others will grow stronger. Your challenge is to know which ones to focus on in 2013 as building bonds with the right people will bring you the greatest happiness.

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