Teemo, Love or Hate?

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Teemo, the most loved/hated champion. Just a small litle fella that poop mushrooms around the map, jumping, running, hidding...
Teemo is the best champion, he is cute, he is strong, and he loves killing enemys with his litle dart gun. Poison, blind and running faster are the 3 main abilites. Pooping mushroons is his ultimate. Run if you can,,, Teemo will catch you

Teemo, why can't you love him?

Teemo is one of the many champions in League of Legends. Just small sized guy with a blowing gun and one of the mos feared heroes in League.
There are more that 32 million League of Legends player and 70% hate him....other wise 70% love him...Its a relation love/hate, because if we play him is cool, if he is against us, lets hate him.
Personally i love Teemo even when he kills me. He was my 1st champion, my 1st true champion. i played him since level 18 without wanting another champion.
So why people hate Teemo?
The answer is easy: Teemo is overpowered. Besides the squishy and low defense stats, he have abilities that can turn one fight. His "q" blind the enemy for a duration 1,5 to 2,5 seconds. His "w" make him run faster. His "e" gives poison to his little gun and the ultimate makes him poop mushrooms around the map that when enemy champion step on it get poisoned(again). He is perfect for poking and harass. A Teemo player don't need wards once at lvl 6 mushrooms grant vision. His high ability power ratios and mushrooms that can last 10 minutes(for God sake nothing in this game lasts 10 minutes) make him a demon lord. You look at him and he will swallow your soul.
People hate him because, whatever Riot does he is OP(overpowered). He is the perfect machine gun, the perfect scout and the anti-marksman. Teemo chases you, you die. You hate Teemo because he is good, he is strong, he is perfect.
Why people love Teemo?
Despise of all the killing and trail of destruction, he is adorable. he have a lot of skins, he have cool skins, he is easy to play everybody wants the astronaut Teemo.

"Size doesn't mean everything"- Teemo

P.S.: Hate Zed insted....Zed is op and bad :(


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author avatar Crystalheart
13th May 2014 (#)

Pooping mushrooms..hahaha!!!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th May 2014 (#)

Never been into this game - siva

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author avatar snerfu
23rd May 2014 (#)

Good for you and Teemo. Happy hunting.

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