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Tamil Nadu is a country of temples. It has bestowed with the oldest history and culture of strong kingdoms. The sculptures and the ancient temple architecture of Tamil land served as a living example of early arts of history.

About Tamil Nadu Temples

Tamil Nadu Temples are active centers not only of prayer but of the sculptures, arts, song, dance and almost all of life. Often monumental in size, with large enclosures and a tank for baths, they provide spaces for meditation, inspection, learning, discussion, and rest, as well as for spiritual ceremonies.

The temples are effective from day to day with regular rituals lasting into the night. Comparing to normal day activity, in the festival season, these temples are also busier. Huge crowds of pilgrims are gathering from faraway places of the country, to perform services and fast in this festival season.

Each temple has a large staff of priests who carry out both spiritual and managing duties, and there are many attendants. Stonemasons, sculptors, metal casters, portrait painter, other professionals craftsmen, wall paintings, and ritual implements, and they are continuing to its expressive means.

Whenever a patron offers to gift of new gold jewel for an image, or whenever the trustees and priests state the need for an additional shrine, carving, or picture. Temple structure at Gangaikonda Cholapuram and Dharasuram temple structure, both are adjoining the temple city Kumbakonam, and temple structure at Tanjore are excellent examples of Chola architecture and sculpture.

Airavatiswara Temple

The Airavatiswara temple structure at Dharasuram is one of grandeur and display of sculptures. They are exceptionally high quality even while preserving their unique and individual structures. This temple is famous for its art and construction and has some fine stone sculptures.

Although this temple is smaller in size than the Big Temple of Tanjore or the Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple, it is more intense in particular. This is because this temple is said to have been established with constant sculptural interest, in mind. The Chola period during which this temple surfaced was denoted as recovery of Tamil culture.

This temple of Dharasuram, built in the rule of Emperor Rajaraja II when the Chola dynasty was fading, assumes ample proof to the excellent skill of the Tamil artisan. The generous appearance of sculptures like celestial dancers to the complement of musical apparatuses in several parts of the temple exposes the desire the Chola monarchs had in sculptures and elegant arts.

Sculptures of Airavatiswara Temple

This temple is a treasure trove of stone sculpture and ancient architecture. The sculptural description of the lives of religious sages, the depictions of ponds filled with aquatic creatures, the royal figures of kings with royal paraphernalia go together with a huge entourage of mystics etc.

They have a striking resemblance to such relative scenes in the Living Chola Temples. Such is the treasure house bequeathed by the Chola artists to future generations to preserve, to appreciate and to follow. It is a legacy of which every Tamil must be proud of.

The leading hall is constructed as the horse draws the chariot. The ceiling has a beautiful carving of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi inside an open lotus. Different dancing poses of Bharathanatyam dance are carved on granite. They are described as the celestial dancers.

There is a peculiar carving showing a lady assisting in the delivery of another female, who has both her hands on another two ladies, who are forcing their hands and the abdomen of the woman to support her deliver. These are extremely skillful and artistic works of breathtaking style.

This may provide a peep into the social conditions of the past. The stone sculpture of King Ravana carrying the mount Kailas is an admirable example of workmanship. All thing leftovers of the sculptural part of this temple are on the interior wall of the outer patio, about a foot from ground level.

The sculptures include unique poses of gymnastic feats in such a skillful way. Many styles of physical acts revealed by both men and women have been carved in stone. This temple is a documented as World Heritage shrine.

Temple Sculptures - Video

Photo Credit:
Temple Sculptures of Tamil Nadu: Nagarjun @ Flickr under CC license.
Airavatiswara Temple: sowri @ Flickr under CC license.
Airavatiswara Temple Sculptures: sowri @Flickr under CC license.


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