Ten Effective Ways to Happiness Amidst Life Challenges

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Happiness is a choice. We hear and read that many times. However, it is definitely difficult to smile and be happy when circumstances around us are not favorable. In my experience of being broken and torn by life's storms, I had bounced back gracefully and emerged victorious despite all odds. As it is one of my goals to help others in my own little ways, I am sharing ways to effectively deal with hurts and pain.

1) Recognize your pain or sadness.

The moment grief or pain strikes, the body has a natural response. We let that. If there is a need to cry, it is alright to cry. After all, tears are designed for that purpose. Running away from reality may mean a longer recovery time.

2) Contemplate on what happened but stop asking questions first.

Some situations appear confusing but if we are able to figure what happened without asking too much questions, we let the situation stabilize. This will prevent complications from arising and actually saves us from additional burden.

3) Realize that things happen for a reason.

It sounds cliché, but everything indeed happens for a reason. This would not be so popular if it has not been consistently true. In due time, we are able to see the purpose of the hurts and disappointments we encounter.

4) Look around and see that others are fighting their own wars.

We have a tendency to focus on what we experience and feel: our pains, our struggles, our mishaps, etc. It is normal. One very effective way to not become drowned in heartbreaking situations is to start thinking about other people’s battles. Often, we give too much emphasis to what we have. When we look for inspiring victories of humans who have been more trampled than us, we feel so much better. In fact, it helps us heal faster.

5) Get in touch with your inner self.

There is so much strength within us. We only need to draw from the warrior within. All humans have innate strength. The ones considered weak are those that are ignorant of this. Human beings are designed to fight back life’s obstacles.

6) Find comedy around you.

Laughter they say is the best medicine. According to Steve Wilson, a psychologist and laugh therapist, "I believe that if people can get more laughter in their lives, they are a lot better off.” From personal experience, laughing really helps me deal with any emotional ordeal. It gives me a good push to take things lightly and keep my sanity.

7) Keep your eyes on the future.

All that we have experienced shapes our future. If we focus on what the future can be if we do our best today, it motivates us. If we drown ourselves with self-pity and hopelessness, the future appears dim and gloomy and the present becomes darker. Some people even resort to drastic acts like suicide because they thought today was all they have and associated today with nothingness; so they become nothing. Worse, they create another chain of grief and pain in the people who love them.

8) Get emotional support from family.

Never underestimate the power of family. With family around showing that we are not alone, half the battle is won. A pat on the back to say, “We are here...” can already set the stage for happiness despite the circumstance.

9) Give love.

Loving is beneficial to our health. If we love without expecting something in return, love comes naturally and it can affect our circumstances positively. If we talk about the romantic love, scientists maintain that a neurotransmitter called dopamine, released when we love, is associated with increased energy, less need for sleep or food and focused attention.

10) Count your blessings.

Gratitude is a magical attitude. It can make things happen. If we start counting our blessings, we create a long list of things we should be happy about and then we start feeling better regardless of the circumstances.


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author avatar Ptrikha
27th Aug 2012 (#)

Good tips, and I am hoping to implement at least some of these measures.

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author avatar mandy
27th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you Ptrikha. They worked for me. Hopefully, at least one will work for you, too.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Aug 2012 (#)

There are no ups without the downs. We learn more from tough times; earlier we face them the better they will stand us in good stead in the future. Thanks for the nice take, Mandy - siva

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author avatar mandy
29th Aug 2012 (#)

Yes, Siva, the tough times will teach us more about how to live this life well.

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