Ten Tested Strategies to Pass Your Licensure Exam

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Preparing for any licensure examination is a grueling task. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest exam of your life. If you intend to pass it the first time you take it and make the most out of your time, effort and other resources, you have to heed the advice and tips from people who conquered it and are more than willing to help. If you listen closely you will realize that just like any task, it only needs a sense of focus and a lot of action.

1) Read early.

The more you have spent time on reading and improving your comprehension skills, the better chances you have at getting a good result. Read in the language that will be used in the examination. This can be both gratifying and enlightening. You get to enjoy your readings, be better informed and prepared.

2) Be friendly.

Licensure exams always have some sort of a preparation like a review or a refresher course. Make this a chance to meet new people and multiply your knowledge. What is meant by this? Let us say you have studied a particular subject and have some sort of mastery on it already, you can go around your friends and asked what they have learned or studied for the day. You will be amazed that it is quite easy to absorb more and have the feeling that you are just having fun.

3) Filter at first glance, and relax.

When you receive and are allowed to open your questionnaire on the day of the examination, make a quick scan of what is in it and maintain composure. This will allow your brain to focus only on the questions you need to answer. For sure, tons of information is inside your head as you needed to brush up on many subject areas.

4) Set a time schedule and stick to it.

There is nothing like making yourself ready for a big endeavor. Studying and study habits are very crucial to performing well in any examination. Set a reasonable schedule for your readings and problem solving and stick to it. That means, you should get very little or no distraction at all during these times. Do not fret however; scheduling means you can also put an hour or two each day to enjoy other things like friends and family. You can also try arranging your things and doing what you like during these “free hours” to relax and de–stress.

5) Read carefully and follow instructions.

Whenever there are rules to follow, you are set to destruction if you do not know what these are. Carefully read and understand each instruction and follow to the letter. This is definitely that one time when going against the instructions spell havoc.

6) Never underestimate the power of elimination.

With majority of the examinations now being computerized and of the multiple-choice type, one can always exploit this opportunity. I once took an online examination that was totally different from areas I have studied in the past and I surprisingly passed. What I did was use every bit of logic I can and eliminated enough of the wrong choices. This has always been effective but you have to have some sort of a passion for knowing what seems to be trivial.

Let us say you need to answer this: The capital of Alabama is a) Montgomery b) Birmingham c) Edmonton d) Ottawa. You can make an intelligent guess here. Edmonton and Ottawa are quite familiar Canadian cities, so you can eliminate these two wrong choices and be left with only two. That means that for this item, you have increased the probability of getting a correct answer from 1/4 to 1/2. Imagine if you are a sure about getting half of the total items correct, that means you already have 50%. If you can wisely eliminate two wrong answers for the other half, you just increased your chance to a 75%. However, this elimination process tends to work better with a logical choice or an intelligent guess. The more you read and open yourself up to more knowledge on various subjects, the better you will be at making smart elimination.

7) Release the best and strongest warrior in you during the exam.

I always say “release the warrior in you” when I give tips to students who are about to take their licensure exam. Thinking about it now, it could have been more appropriate to say, “Release the best and strongest warrior in you!” One may not be always be aware of this but there is someone inside us that is stronger and better than we thought. If we are able to release this warrior, all adrenaline breaks loose.

8) Envision.

What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. Having a vision of oneself being already there celebrating or doing the job you have long wanted because you passed the licensure is a great way towards achieving your goal.

9) Write and recall.

Whenever there are things that you need to recall (not using memorize here) like formulas and important concepts, writing them down, rehearsing and repeating them frequently helps in better retention. Ask every licensed engineer whether this works and you would definitely get an affirmative.

10) Take good care of yourself.

What this means is that you have to see to it that your physical and emotional health are under control. Remember, you are only as good as your health allows. Take vitamins, eat nutritious food and get regular exercise. Diseases can be caused by unmanaged stress, so see to it that you are also emotionally healthy.

Finally, this one thing may be worth sharing (as my mentor frequently reminds): In examinations, there will always be people who will not pass, some will fail and require a retake, if someone has to fail, “JUST MAKE SURE IT WOULD NOT BE YOU!”

If you want to increase your chances at passing your licensure examination, this will be a great help as well: http://family.wikinut.com/Five-Keys-To-Success-in-School/25bem0b-/


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