Thanksgiving: Celebration to Thank

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More than a celebration of gratitude to God for what we have, the day of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the season expenses.

Thanksgiving: Celebration to Thank

November and ends in America everyone is waiting on the last Thursday of the month to celebrate "Thanksgiving "or "Thanksgiving Day" where some of the natives of this country or living in it, meeting family, raise your hands to thank God for all he has given to humanity this past year and shared a family dinner to which the traditional dish on the menu is roast turkey which is accompanied in some cases with ham and dessert the traditional pumpkin pie.


This festival is celebrated in the United States and Canada primarily in the latter country is observed the second Monday of October in the U.S. and the fourth Thursday of November each year.

As recorded history, the first celebration of this date occurred in 1621 in what was then one of the emerging English colony on American soil, "Plymouth Colony" in northeastern United States, of the territory now occupied by the northeastern state of Massachusetts.

Sharing the "Wampanoag Indians"

It Protestant pilgrims who had arrived from England aboard the Mayflower a year earlier, showered God for giving them the chance to find a land where a new life with their families and thank you also for the collection of their first harvest in this strange land after the harsh winter conditions of the region, half of them had perished in those early months and the rest had survived with the help of American Indian natives.

At the first celebration decided to share their surplus crops with their neighbors, the "Wampanoag Indians" as tokens of appreciation to his aid, established since then by the governor of the colony, that day as the one to give thanks to the Lord and rejoice after the collection of the annual harvest.


Beyond family celebration for an opulent dinner, this day marks the start of the holiday season in this country. That night, millions of Americans, after the dinner, run to line up against the large chain stores waiting for the doors to open at midnight or early hours of the morning, offering the rebates usual "Black Friday" where discount are truly attractive to buyers and bargain hunters.

Such is the significance of the day, which the sales volume generated in him, then traders believe how good or not this holiday season for them and what they have to spend an average American families, thus derive the name "Black Friday" because retailers with sales strategies that address their accounts out of the red that involve economic losses for them.


Given the importance of this date for retailers and the global increase in online stores, or companies that offer their products online, they also have chosen for a sales strategy to compete with Black Friday, That is in cyberspace, where millions of people through the cyber network in all pages dedicated to sales, both retailers and large chains that sell only through it, to also take advantage of the rebates that Monday are offered by this modern means of communication.

Dangerous adventure

In these days many are buying what they need so as not, given the large number of product offerings of all kinds at low prices, entire families go out for those special announced with great fanfare and consume beyond family budget previously established open their pockets to spend the money available and that they pay the credit cards.

Over 60% of purchases at that time are paid at the cost of credit lines, striving and the future of many families, most especially in these times of global crisis where the world's largest economies falter.

Thank God

As set out almost four centuries ago, this was a time to celebrate and thank God for what He has given in the year almost over and no time to go out and spend and buy fashion items, most of whom end up clogging within the "closets" because they are never used.

The consumerism of today's capitalist society, the desire to have and compete with our peers, have been overshadowed the sense of this date, changing its initial purpose of thanking God for using and spending so there is no, then beg God help pay the bills.

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