The “Return” of the Boomerang

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The hi-tech gadgets we have today are amazing. But do you ever yearn for a simpler form of entertainment?


Computer games, DVD’s, cell phones, laptops. The hi-tech gadgets we have today are amazing. But do you ever yearn for a simpler form of entertainment. Well, what could be simpler than tossing a piece of wood as far as you can and then watching it sail right back to you? This round-trip object is a curved stick called a boomerang. When you learn to throw it correctly, you can play catch with yourself all day long.

History of a Boomerang

It is believed that “rangs” were first invented about 11,000 years ago by the aborigines of Australia. They probably used the objects for hunting. Today, boomerangs have become popular for both sport and play. What is the “right” shape for a boomerang? We usually picture a boomerang as being in the form of a wide V with a gradual, smooth curve at the point where the two arms meet. Each of the arms, which are also called blades, looks like an airplane wing, flat on the bottom and curved on top. But this basic shape can have many variations. There are rangs with three, four, and even six arms! Still other rangs are shaped like triangles. And some are shaped like the letters H, S, or T.

How does a boomerang work?

Because the arms of a boomerang are shaped like airplane wings, a boomerang produces the same sort of lifting force that an airplane’s wings do. The rang, like a plane, will rise in the direction of the curved side. This is why a well-thrown boomerang’s is spinning at the same time, the arms creating a circle as it flies. The boomerang’s lift, the speed of its forward motion, and the spin of its arms all combine to cause the boomerang to turn and come back.

Learning to Throw a Boomerang

Learning to throw a rang so that it returns takes practice. Begin with the proper grip. Hold the boomerang with your thumb and fingers wrapped around the end of one arm. The “V” point is placed over your shoulder. The curved side of the arm is toward you, and the flat side is away from you. The key to tossing a rang correctly is to throw overhead, directly overhand, as close to the vertical as possible. Pitch the boomerang toward the horizon, and snap your wrist as you release it. This snap is important, it helps create the spin that makes the rang fly. Once you’ve learned the technique, you’ll be set for hours of fun. But just a word of caution, practice in a broad, open field, never throw a boomerang near people or buildings.

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