The 10 best quotes, sayings and proverbs

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The 10 best quotes, sayings and proverbs are guaranteed to help you see the world from a different, and most certainly better, perspective

The 10 best quotes, sayings and proverbs

For centuries, our ancestors all around the world have been studying in the society we live and for there, putting it into words which they hoped would inspire many of their future successors. Looks like they have succeeded, because today, many people seek motivation and hope from these very sayings. So, I have decided to compile a list of my favourite sayings, proverbs and quotes from all around the world. So here they are: Cool sayings, quotes and proverbs from around the world.

1. Be Gold in peace and Iron in war (From Spanish)

When in peace, shine and prosper in beauty and grace. But when threatened, adapt and become a weapon for survival. Very meaningful quote to live by.

2. God helps he who helps himself (From Chinese)

How can anyone expect help from God, if he does not help himself? Always have faith, but work hard for your own success

3. Man’s desire is endless (From Tamil)

Humans are never content with what they have always want more without being grateful for what they have. Very meaningful

4. Ora et Labora (From Latin)

A beautiful summation of all that you have to do. Have faith and hope, and work hard. You can never go wrong

5. Knowledge is not the true sign of intelligence, Creativity is. (Quote by Albert Eienstein)

One who is truly intelligent is not the person who knows a lot, but instead the person who can come up with new ideas.

6. True bravery consists in driving out the brute within ourselves (Quote by Mahatma Gandhi)

A truly brave person can acknowledge his shortcomings and is able to drive them out; Not someone who thinks of himself highly

7. If one does not plow, there is no harvest (From Chinese)

A very simple message: Without work, there will be no result the same way that a seed can’t grow if it hasn’t been planted

8. A lone tree cannot be regarded as an orchard (From Tamil)

Nobody can survive without the help of others. Humans are not a solitary creature and help from others is very necessary to succeed

9. 100% is the minimum, not the maximum (Origins unknown)

Always aim for perfection and try not to settle for anything less, and even though perfection is not possible, if you aim for it, you will not slip to far behind

10. If one finger catches oil, it soils the rest (From a Nigerian language called Ibo)

In a group, if one person is uncooperative or a bad influence, the entire group would also eventually turn bad.

So there you have it, some of my favourite sayings/quotes/proverbs from all over the world! I hope you enjoyed them and can learn something from them, because I certainly have! These are the things that help to keep my going everyday and i am sure they will help you!


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