The 8 Rules of Universal Recipe for Making Wishes Come True

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Each time you desire for a purpose, your heart is able to make rainbows from a single drop of rain. When making your wish be sure to ask to the right source. And then follow this recipe for it to come true:

1) Heart is the Kingdom of True Wishes... when you are about to make a wish: Make it with your heart.

Because if one day, for any reason, you have to give up that wish; you wouldn't have to pay big prices.


    only if the wish is made with the heart

2) No amount of Darkness on Earth is ever sufficient to block out a Candle Light

If you want to see your wish coming true, the first matter you've got to deal with is distinguishing between the transient and the enduring(ref1*p2).

Darkness and Light are the only forms of energy that spread by reflection.

Each and every particle that reflects through darkness is transient. Each and every particle that reflects within light is enduring. Yet their effectiveness in power are totally opposite. For instance, a gossip may never last long, but it has the devastating power to destroy love and truth. It doesn't take much effort for darkness to use gossip, because, the tongue does the work. Plenty of biblical verses can be found for "tongue".

Sadly on the other hand, the Godly power to end gossip is a very weak solution but an everlasting one. This guaranteed solution is finding the missing information and saying it out loud, and keep repeating repeating repeating until the gossiper repeats its gossip. Then say something positive about the person who is the target of gossip. When the original gossip is repeated together with the revealed missing information, it will end up denying itself. And the positive information given on top of that denial will stop the gossip.

In Genesis Chapter 3, the Serpent provokes Eve against God's order of not eating from the forbidden tree. Serpent basically gossips about God. The missing information in that gossip is "God wants Adam and Eve to live forever, so for their own good and for reasons beyond their understanding, he commands them to not to eat from the forbidden tree". In case of which if Eve chose to repeat repeat and repeat this missing information to Serpent, then Serpent would have repeated his gossip until ending up denying himself. So then Eve could talk good about God, for instance saying, "He always took care of us", then the Serpent would have gone away, to let Adam and Eve to live forever in the Garden of Eden.

3) There is only one person who can decide what you can do, and cannot do: "Your own self"

For anyone to know their worth, there is no "better" or "worse". Everyone has the necessary gifts for his/her particular path.

But certain people insist. They provoke and offend and do everything they can to irritate you. Do not waste your time listening to provocations. You have a wish to come true, and a destiny to fulfill. (ref*1p14)

4) The Brightness of Light is only Shineable through the togetherness of All the Colors summoned up in one Light Ray, including the unpleasant ones like brown, and the pretty ones like pink... allow some room for flaw in every beauty (the back wheel of the bike has been accidentally sprayed with paint)
some room for weakness in every strength
some room for fear in every courage
some room for hate in every love
some room for slavery in every independence
some room for teardrops in every happiness
some room for failure in every success
some room for shadows in every glimpse of light
some room for doubts in every certainty

5) If you Wish to Shoot The Moon, you Need to be Aiming For The Sun

Big wishes become ideals that require big sacrifices. Sacrifice sometimes knock on the door during an injustice. Remember: The good little goat doesn't bleat. It was your free will of choice when you chose to make that wish(ref*1p16p71).

Many times other people are provided with trophies or resources they do not deserve as much as you did. Take notice of whoever is given a reward they do not deserve, they will soon end up losing it or suffering from the possession of it. But even they don't lose or suffer, it's not your concern. Because, you earned something they never had:

    Ideals are like stars, we may never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our courses by following them (ref*2)

With that kept in mind, from now on, you'll get to aim stronger and you'll have a bigger vision than what is normally required to reach the target.

6) If the Wish is not made Simple, it neither fits into your Heart, nor into your Mind, nor into your Pocket

    Dreams to turn visions,
    Visions to turn projects,
    Projects to turn programs,
    Programs to turn results.

Out of the many other strategies for drawing results, here is what I found most useful in executing the strategy for success in 7 steps:

    I/ Know your strengths, know what you are good at, know what you are not(Knowing what you are not good at is the greatest strength of all)
    II/ Focus on the long-term, plan the mid-term, guarantee the short-term
    III/ Know and recall your best achievements
    IV/ Hire the best client, or use the best available resource
    V/ Be innovative, do not manage change: Rule the Change
    VI/ Snow leadership: Block out your constituents' mistakes

7) Sharing The Trophy Of Your Victories With Others

    VII/ Shadow hunting: (explained below)

If it was your mistake/failure, own it and stand by it, never put your mistake on someone else's shoulders. Because you will lose reputation, and he will gain the society's sympathy.

If it was your success/victory, give it away, give it to the right crowd(don't give it to an individual), give it to your opponents, and don't ever take it back. Because you should never let anybody hide in your shadow and draw cynical benefits from your success. Do not let anybody hide in your shadow, take him off your shadow, and throw him into the crowd by proving him successful, so he will stop hiding in your shadow.

8) The Karma Effect on our Approach towards the Realization of our Wishes

Here is everyone's favourite part:

The person awaiting for his wish to come true is a believer. A believer in miracles. Because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. Because he is sure that his thoughts can change his life, his life begins to change. Because he is certain that he will find love, love appears. Because he sees a himself as a winner, no matter how many times he lost in the past, soon he will win. And when he wins, he wins big. Now and then, he is disappointed. And often he is defeated. But he knows that it is worth it. For every defeat, he has two victories in his favor. All believers knows this. (ref*1p56)

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