The Accurate Future Life: Who Does Know?

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I know what I think of when I think of genuine clairvoyance and prophecy: It think of all senses genuinely being trusted, including the intuitive sense about things. Sure, I seemingly oversimplify things with the first sentence, but, in reality, there are not any simple answers under God and existence, just lots of questions until they get answered by the progression of time. This is basically the reality I want to write about today.

Robbie Robertson's song "How To Become Clairvoyant" and Joseph J. Weed's books and works, especially oracle and prophecy methods

The real and honest truth and reality is where you find it. With that said: Reality is always in a state of becoming, and what happens in one dimension never exactly happens in another, but when things and outcomes do happen, they are set in that reality. When I think of the mentally blinding power of real accuracy in future telling come real and present, that is what I think of: Reality is always in a state of becoming, it is never "finished".

"The day reality is finished, really is the day when time does end." A good friend once told me this about the genuine end of reality. I am convinced that there are endless possibilities, probabilities, dimensions and realities and that we each are living in one of them tailored to our needs, not so much our wants and desires. In short, structure and function are one to fulfill the needs of reality as cause and effect always work. Some call all of this "karma", "good karma" or "bad karma". For the sake of reality and understanding, I will use the simpler term "objective cause and effect".

Objective cause and effect is neither good or bad, it just is to serve the needs of reality, not the "good or bad" wants of reality. Sure, we all want to know the "why" and everything, but each function and structure has its own purpose in reality that will reveal itself after the fact of the event. For example: Dimensions where John Fitzgerald Kennedy was not assassinated exist even now in a alternate realities and valences, the function of that happening monitors that structure and changes the outcome for that dimension, as John Fitzgerald Kennedy getting assassinated here makes the outcome and monitors the structure of our reality. My point is objective cause and effect governs everything, not what we want or do not want. Sure, I could be a little less realistic about it all, but the point would be moot. Cause and effect would still work at all levels anyway.

Our job:

We must go by that old golfing term: "If you do not want to cheat, play the ball where it lays." if we want reality to stay whole in our own psyches. I remember this movie actor Ashton Kutcher made called "The Butterfly Effect" where the lead character could change his reality "at will" and even "cheat reality for a better reality" sometimes. But at the end of the movie and all of its events, he realized the law I mentioned and it caught up with him. Through that example, I get it.

You know evil and cheating always promises an "easy way out of the work it takes to really win with honest effort", but, I can honestly say changing the rules to suit one's fancy messes up any game of existence. Is football playable with steroids and rocket shoes? Or any sport for that matter? Same principle works in all things. When you genuinely cheat, you are idiotically raiding the game.

Indeed, our job is to play fair, and win honestly, not cheat, and "win at all costs". After all, Nixon learned this lesson in the hardest way possible, he went through it with his staff through the "dirty tricks" and revelations of Watergate. He may have resigned without going to prison, but the biggest prison of all is knowing that you actively made an artificial outcome without regard for reality or honest effort.

Myself, like you, would seem to love to know, but:

Heck, if I could have that unnatural knowledge of how to win or as they call it in the stock market "insider trading knowledge" of how to win and it was part of the natural package without unnaturally destructive consequences, I would take it! Unfortunately though, I know better in every way, so I will live with honesty whatever the honest, natural and real consequences are meant to be.

When you do understand, you must act rightly on that understanding or suffer the most genuine of consequences. That is the only way I can put it without preaching too much.

So, think about reality and prophecy for a moment, if it is beneficial we want to fully know, of course. But if it is not beneficial, do we really want to know? That is the double bind of Zen, and the double bind of all reality. I can only give this advice and follow this advice to keep ourselves honest: Play the ball honestly where it lays in our reality.


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