The Akashic Records-The history of your Past Lives

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Where can you find out about your past lives and is it safe? The Akashic Records is a library that records all your soul history, which you can ask permission to read.

The Akashic Records

Where can you find out about your past lives and is it safe? You may wonder where psychics get their insights from—sometimes it’s from spirit guides, but the main source is the Akashic Records where every thought, feeling, action, interaction and desire is recorded. It records each incarnation, so each past life can be accessed there as well as the past life connections made.

Why would you want to access you records? If you have a blockage or phobia in your life, it can help understand the possible reasons why. Perhaps you need to understand why you are not able to let go of a negative relationship as a result of karmic debt or a soul contract? Not everyone can access the hall, nor will everything will be revealed, as permission must be granted, even if another psychic accesses the records for you. However, answers are given for guidance and only what is necessary for you to know is revealed. Any past lives you need to forget about (if too traumatic) will not be revealed. The Akashic Records allow information to be shown only when it is in the best interests of the soul, to help it back on it's path or to help remove obstacles that prevent soul growth. Sometimes just wanting to know is not enough to access the records.

Past Lives

Many people are curious about their past lives and want to know who they were and whether people in their life were also part of their past lives. The Akashic Records will not reveal unnecessary information, only information that can help you on your path, for example a tempestuous relationship with a parent may be an unresolved issue from a past life and you may be given information on how to heal the relationship. Also it can give you guidance on how you are developing and what your soul purpose is, how far you are on your path and whether you are headed in the right direction and give you messages that may alleviate and doubts you have had. There are no secrets, all your thoughts, good and bad are recorded here.

Asking a question

Your intent must be genuine and also you must be prepared to hear things you may not want to hear, home truths about yourself and what you have felt and done. There is no judgment, but we create karma with every action or thought. Asking the correct questions are important; questions such as ‘As I going to marry my boyfriend?’ will not be answered, but questions framed, ‘Why am I having difficulties communicating with my brother?’ would possibly generate information relating to a soul contract and how to resolve the friction. If the information is not given, it is possible it is not for you to know and something you must learn in a lesson or it is not necessary information for your path at present.

Gaining access

There are a few ways to gain access. You can find a reader to help you although they may not be able to interpret everything applicable to you, for example if you have a phobia of water from a childhood incident they may not know of your fear, but know in a past life you may have drowned.
Another way is through your dreams, if you ask a question, an answer through your spirit guides may appear.
Some people are able to access the records through deep meditation, but this requires practice. A protection prayer must be said before asking for permission to access the records and when the records are closed.

Whichever way, don’t get disappointed or annoyed if your questions aren’t answered; trust in time that you will be shown why!

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21st Apr 2015 (#)

Very interesting article. I have been studying metaphysics and I have never heard of the akashic records before.

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