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We take a look at the planet Mercury and how it colors the way we think and communicate.

The winged messenger of the gods

The house and sign positions of the planet Mercury, along with its aspects in your horoscope, determine the way in which you order your thoughts and communicate. Mercury rules both the masculine sign of Gemini and the feminine sign of Virgo, and is thus partial to neither the masculine or the feminine. As the ruler of Gemini it is curious and seeks knowledge only for its own sake. As the ruler of Virgo it is analytical and discriminating. What follows are interpretations of Mercury through the signs, the houses, and when it aspects other planets in the horoscope.

Mercury in the signs

Mercury in Aries: You have a quick grasp of ideas, and you speak what you think directly, boldly and courageously. Sometimes you will speak before you think, but in your mind you always tell it like it is.

Mercury in Taurus: You rely on your senses to process information - smells, colors, sounds and the like. You communicate in a direct and practical manner. When you make up your mind, you stick to your opinions no matter what.

Mercury in Gemini: You are quick witted and often funny. Your curiosity is insatiable, and you are likely to know at least a little bit about everything. To you, conversation is an art.

Mercury in Cancer: Your moods and emotional experiences shape your perception. This is a highly subjective Mercury, which needs to communicate at very personal levels. There is little mental detachment here, with little ability to separate emotions from thinking. You say what you feel.

Mercury in Leo: Your communication is likely colorful and dramatic. You pay little attention to detail, and in your communicating style you paint with a broad brush. When your ideas are challenged, it is a blow to your pride. You communicate your likes and dislikes with great enthusiasm.

Mercury in Virgo: Your thinking is compartmentalized and very detail oriented. You make sure to cross all the 't's' and dot all the 'i's'. You are supremely analytical, picking everything apart in an always most discriminating fashion. With such great attention to detail, you may not always see the forest through the trees.

Mercury in Libra: You seek to harmonize your surroundings by the way you communicate. You weigh all the pros and cons before you make up your mind, and thus you can at times be indecisive. You are very sensitive to nuances in sound and color. For instance, green is never just green. It is a cold, warm, inviting, or irritating green. Your speech can be flowery and filled with qualifying adjectives and adverbs.

Mercury in Scorpio: There is great depth to your thinking. You never run off at the mouth. You may not speak at all unless you have something important to say, so when you speak others listen. You communicate in a manner which is very direct and full of purpose.

Mercury in Sagittarius: You have very little concern for small details, preferring instead to always grasp the bigger picture. You are curious and broad-minded, but you can quite paradoxically be dogmatic. You can be a very fun and humorous communicator. Your thinking always runs toward the philosophical.

Mercury in Capricorn: You communicate in very direct, practical, down-to-earth terms. You speak clearly and never embroider what you say with extraneous words. You have a way of translating complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand phrases. Others always understand where you are coming from.

Mercury in Aquarius: Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, where thinking is objective, detached, and often original and inventive. You have a capacity, it often seems, to tune into universal mind energies and pluck brilliant ideas out of thin air. You may be likely, however, to hold on to your ideas stubbornly when challenged.

Mercury in Pisces: You may not know how you know something, you just know it. Logic and reason take a back seat to intuition and imagination in the way you think. Einstein, who had Mercury in Pisces, always said that imagination is more valuable than logic. You learn by a process of absorption, soaking up information through the feeling realm much like a sponge soaks up water.

Mercury in the houses

House One: With Mercury here, you say what you think and let the chips fall where they may, never censoring yourself. You are highly intelligent and you project your personality into the world that way.

House Two: You are a very practical thinker and your ideas and thoughts are very grounded in common sense. You may also be very accomplished at using your wits in order to generate income.

House Three: Mercury in the third house resides in its own domain. Your curiosity knows no bounds. Everything interests you. You love to talk and engage in spirited conversation with others. Your mind is restless and always churning.

House Four: You do your best thinking within the confines of your home or in a quiet, restful place. You communicate from your feeling centers, and you can be very subjective in the process. You need to always get to the roots of your thought, and you detest small talk.

House Five: With Mercury here, you are a creative thinker. You like to play with both words and ideas. Thinking is fun. You bask in the warm glow of attention when others cite your intelligence.

House Six: Much like Mercury in Virgo, this planet in the sixth house is very analytical and discriminating. You think in practical terms and apply your thinking with great efficiency toward solving problems.

House Seven: With Mercury here you need to connect to others on an intellectual level. In terms of marriage, you need a partner whose intelligence equals your own. You are very curious about other people and you know instinctively how to engage them in conversation.

House Eight: You are not the least bit interested in small talk. You listen very well, and you use your mind to explore your relationships deeply. You would make a good detective, because your mind always beckons you to probe beneath the surface of everything you experience and every human connection you make.

House Nine: A ninth house Mercury thinks in terms of the big picture. You may pay little attention to details as your mind wanders far and wide in a search for truth and wisdom. You think a great deal about ethics and morality.

House Ten: Here, the mind is put to work in a quest to achieve success in the world. You think in practical, down-to-earth terms. You look to incorporate ideas that work.

House Eleven: You love to exchange ideas in social and group settings. Your thinking may be very detached and impersonal, but it is generally very objective and unprejudiced. Once you make up your mind there is no changing it.

House Twelve: Mercury in the twelfth house does its best thinking when alone, away from the distractions of the outer world. Much like Mercury in Pisces, you tune into the imaginary realms and absorb information. There is a highly developed right-brain consciousness and perhaps a vivid dream life as well.

Mercury Aspects

Sun - Mercury: The Sun and Mercury are never more than twenty-eight degrees apart in the zodiac, so the only aspect they can make is the conjunction. The conjunction is generally a mark of intelligence, unless it occurs within an orb of 17 minutes or less. Then Mercury is said to be 'burned up' by the Sun, and communication skills are weakened.

Moon - Mercury: Feelings are never separated from thinking when these two planets form any strong aspect. You need to air and talk about your feelings when these two planets conjoin.

Mercury - Venus: Thinking is fun, producing much pleasure when these two planets are in aspect. You need a partner who loves communicating with you, who likes the sound of your voice as much as you do.

Mercury - Mars: You are a bold and energetic thinker and communicator, and sometimes you can speak before you think. You say what you mean in very direct terms, and you have little regard for tact and diplomacy. You tell it like it is according to the truth you believe.

Mercury - Jupiter: You never get bogged down thinking of details. Your mind is inherently philosophical. The question constantly on your mind is not what, but why? You are a tireless promoter of the truth as you see it, almost evangelical.

Mercury - Saturn: This is the cautious, careful mind, which measures its thoughts before it speaks. You are serious in your thinking, and you try to apply your intelligence and knowledge to very practical ends.

Mercury - Uranus: This aspect is the hallmark of the genius, or at the very least of a thinker who is innovative, inventive and generally ahead of the curve. You think very independently, very much outside of the box of conventional opinion and wisdom.

Mercury - Neptune: Like Mercury in Pisces or in the twelfth house, Mercury - Neptune aspects are tuned into imaginary and intuitive realms. This is a dreamer of utopian visions. It is a great aspect for artists, musicians and poets.

Mercury compatibility

Mercury is very important in regard to the compatibility of partners, for the reason that if you cannot communicate easily with each other, then nothing else much matters. You could be very attracted sexually to another and enjoy a great time in bed for an hour or two, but if during the other 22 or 23 hours of the day you are unable to talk to each other, there will not be much hope for the relationship's survival.

Generally speaking, a fire sign Mercury connects easily to another's Mercury also in a fire sign or an air sign, and of course an air sign Mercury connects best to another air sign or a fire sign. Earth Mercury connects best to another Mercury in earth or one in water, and water of course connects well with water and earth. Thus, an earth sign Mercury would not connect well with a fire sign Mercury. For example, Mercury in Sagittarius, which is broad and expansive, would not connect well with Mercury in Virgo, which is detail oriented and concerned with minutia. Neither would an imaginal and dreamy Mercury in Pisces connect easily to the logical, intellectual Mercury in Gemini. They simply speak different languages.

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23rd Jun 2012 (#)

Fascinating, Steve. Thanks for sharing your're a great communicator! I wonder what sign my Mercury is in--will have to look it up... :-) Love and smiles, rd

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Mercury can only be in the same sign as your Sun, or one sign behind or ahead of it. So if your Sun is in Capricorn, Mercury must be in Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius. Thanks for commenting rama devi. Peace.

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well done and very interesting, you've really made this simple to understand....

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Thank you Rebecca. I appreciate that.

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You have very good knowledge about Astrology. I came to know some of the things by reading your article. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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Thank you jotomy. I appreciate that.

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