The Beautiful Windowsill Garden

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An unplanned assortment of plants sitting on a windowsill does not make a garden. More often than not, it makes a mess. However, plants can be successfully arranged around the window.

Genuine Windowsill Garden

A windowsill garden should not become an overwhelming affair. The first rule for a genuine sill garden is that all the pots should not match. They don't have to be exact clones, but they should, for example, all be clay or all be green. By doing this, you focus attention away from the pots and onto the plants. Think of the plants as a frame for the window rather than a screen.

Windowsills can be considered as plant stations to be filled from a collection of houseplants growing elsewhere. If the plants are permanent residents, however, choose only those that will flourish in that setting. Remember that window-grown plants must be turned regularly to prevent them from slanting toward the light.

Tall plants, such as a swordlike snake plants go at the edges or on one side. Medium-sized plants come next so that the arrangement slopes down to the sill. Finally, something should cascade below the sill level-a creeping fig or a wandering Zebrina, for example.

For the healthiest plants, artificially light the sides facing away from the window.

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Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

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Good points...thanks for sharing.....

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Great advice on keeping houseplants and displaying them to their best advantage..

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Good advice!

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