The Best Game Series of the Last Decade

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The 2000s were a decade in which 3-D gaming really came to the forefront. Sure, there had been some more limited 3-D game titles during the '90s with the 32 and 64-bit consoles, but such games were eclipsed by some of the exciting franchises of the 2000s. On all formats, great new franchises emerged that were some of the best yet, while other more established series such as Mario and Zelda got all the better. These are some of the best new series of the last decade.

Halo (Xbox and Xbox 360)

The Xbox was perhaps the best newcomer to the console scene during the decade. This was partly down to the Halo franchise, which was probably the best first-person shooter since Half-Life. In 2001, Halo made its début with Halo Combat Evolved which was the console's launch game. The game starred the super trooper Master Chief who was left to battle it out with the Covenant on a mysterious Halo. With its exciting gameplay, gripping story and impressive soundtrack the game soon emerged as one of the best titles of the decade.

After the first title, Microsoft expanded the franchise with two further Halo games that made up the Halo trilogy. A further three titles such as Halo Reach continued the series without the Master Chief in it. In 2011, the series celebrated its 10th anniversary; and with further Halo games confirmed there's plenty more in store for Halo fans!

SEGA Total War (Windows)

Whilst SEGA's consoles declined, its games still got all the better. Perhaps its best franchise of the last decade was Total War, which began with Shogun TW. This historical real-time strategy title included thrilling 3-D battles and some great military campaigns. SEGA expanded the game series with Rome TW, Empire TW, Napoleon TW and then Shogun 2 each of which enhanced the 3-D graphic engines, as well as the military campaigns as naval battles were also added in later games of the series. With a multitude of factions and empires to battle it out with in numerous campaigns, the franchise has plenty of variety and was certainly among the best series of the decade.

Call of Duty (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii and Windows)

After Halo came Call of Duty, another first-person shooter that soon emerged as one of the biggest game franchises of the last decade on a variety of formats. The CoD franchise was first set in the 1940s, featuring a variety of non-fictional settings with campaigns in Europe and North Africa. Its sequel CoD 2 was all the better, and had some fantastic missions to shoot-it-out with the hordes of German soldiers in Europe and beyond. These were among the first games to include squad based combat. Since then the series has expanded with a variety of further games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which have included more modern arsenals and fantastic multiplayer modes that have been one of the highlights of the series. There should also be plenty more to come from this franchise.

These were three of the best series of the decade. Call of Duty, TW and the Halo series had some of the most exciting games of the decade on the Xbox, PlayStation and Windows.


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