The Cat I wanted to Hurt

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I swear cats and dogs, pets of any kind likely, are very much like what I hear parents say about their children. Personalities sometimes clash and issues come up. Never was that more true than me and Misty. And looking at that picture, she looks like such an angel doesn't she. Sheesh!!! Oh and title to the contrary, never at any time did I do anything to injure Misty - she was always treated like the royal princess she thought she was. LOL

And then there was Misty

Now about five years after Pie came to live with me and Roy moving out and back in, with his cat, we came across the same person that introduced us to Pie. Once again, a cat was part of the arrangement. The cat was outside where they lived, in a half way house. And she started up almost immediately telling me I needed the cat.

Well, discussion was had, but when she put the cat in the car, of course neither Roy nor I had the will power to take the cat (she) out so she went home with us.

To say the cat was stubborn was an understatement. She wanted to go out. We wanted her to stay in. Guess which one won?

She got very creative about ways to get out. Coming in the door, we often almost fell because she was running between our legs to get out. If we opened the door a crack, she went through that crack.

Oh, and when she got outside, she had a game she played. It was called "hey, I am just here -- you can get me o---oh no wait a minute you can't after all". She would roll on the ground just out of reach. I would move the three steps needed to grab her and she would be up and away.

We tried everything. I often wanted to resort to violence.

I did get mad enough one time to actually seriously think of giving her away but she played a fast one on that too. She acted like a loving angel, and I had to change my mind. The minute the person was gone, of course, she was right back to her regular bratty self.

Oh and all that running out got us another "issue". We had been told she had been spayed. The person lied like a rug. Result four kittens that she used me and Roy as babysitters for. ?

The brat!!!!!


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author avatar Carol Roach
23rd Jan 2015 (#)

that is why she wanted out she wasn't spade. Once they are spade they don't care to get out anymore. The other reason might have been she was part ferel and it is very hard to train feral cats.

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author avatar Vickie Collins
23rd Jan 2015 (#)

well she was always a I am not sure about Feral, but she still wanted out even after she was spayed. didn't seem to slow her down on that. Only time, and possibly moving to another house, where she wasn't as familiar with the area did so to a certain extent.

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