The Challenge Of Blogging Amidst Information Overload

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Blogging is not as easy as many want you to think it is. In these days of information overload, what people are looking for it , is the expertise you present and uniquesness of your blog.

Blog About Your Expertise

The world of the internet has draw people more closer than ever before. You can get to know what is happening in Pakistan, India,America, anywhere in the world right in the comfort of your home or office. You can link up and connect with people anywhere they are. That is the beauty and wonder of the world wide web. That, which has helped in this global information community is the blog.

You and I are no stranger to what blog is. We do know is a platform to write about your experiences and expertise for others to see and read. If you are here as a writer on Wikinut, even if you don't have a blog, you having an account as a writer makes this platform a mini-blog for you. That what blog are for. It is basically for dispensing our knowledge to other people to learn and as well enjoy.

But,managing a blog which is known as blogging, is becoming challenging by the day. There are as many as a million blogs that enter the web space everyday. Imagine such a massive amount of information that is shared around the world each day and per time. If you think you have something to share with people that has never been written by nobody before, you will be kidding yourself. There is no topic you write or blog about that there has not been millions of others that has wrote or share a post about it before. Some has established themselves in that topic that they are making money giving such information on their blog.

Well, I will not be talking about the money making part of blogging here. My focus is on you can crave a niche for yourself and stand out among the mammoth blogs out there. This large number of blog has brought about what is known as information overload. One people blog about how to have six pack abs and he gives you some ways to go about it. You see yet another with the same topic and tells you something different. If you are not careful, you become confused with the diverse kind of information people give in their blog.

There are three things I want to share with you in order to overcome the challenge in blogging.

Be an expert in what you write about.
Create a unique identity
Make you blog edu-tainment

Being an expert shows you really know what you are writing about. People can recognise an expert when the see one. The way you present the topic, the analysis you give, the details you expound and the terminologies that you use make people see your blog as the go to blog for information. Does that mean you need to have academic certificate any an area before you can write or blog about it. No. You can become a self made expert. The internet provides you with the opportunity to do research on the areas you want to blog about. There are free and rich resources online to get you informed and from which you can put together to write on that topic.

The next thing is to ensure that you have an identity that is unique to you alone. Study similar blog on your area.Then, discover what makes that blogger tick and what else he should have done and he his not doing. You can then cash in on that and build your blog around that which he is not writing about.

The last but not the least is the tone of your blog. You don't have to write as if you are in school writing for your teachers to access your knowledge on the rules of writing. Make your writing tone conversational. One of my online mentor call it edu-tainment. That is your writing must educate as well as entertain. Write as if you talking to a friends right before you. You should realise the internet is more of a social platform now. So, add some tone of be sociable to your writing. This will surely attract people to your blog.

Guys, do not start a blog or go into blogging with the mindset of making money almost immediately. You have to established yourself as blogger that has their interest in mind and that your blog ring out to them that you are concerned about WIIIFT- What Is In It For Them.


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