The Conformist and The Nonconformist

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Life is as good as we make it, and our consciousness must fit the life. Like an electrical system needs to be wired to handle increasing current use. Think about it, conformity is like a governor that does not fit the power coming through or needed. Sure, we become what we do think about, but is our consciousness ready to think about it?

Rewiring the walls of the matrix of life to handle more, really

Like electrical current, the more we can handle the power of life going through us, the better transformers we have to handle it all.

With the above said, and thinking about reality as a whole: Life really is what we allow it to be. Allowance is the ultimate transformer in reality. The fantasy is that it is more complicated than it is. Complexity is really a self made concept. All we have to do is rewire ourselves at a deep level and we can handle more of life better. When I think about controlling our minds that came to us free, it is really the simplest thing in existence, yet the most complicated seeming, because self-change seems to easy a solution to problems in life, but it is the solution. Right down to understanding genuinely why you need to change your mind and emotional energies.

Sure, I could make this more complex, but:

Changing a mind for the better is always simpler than changing it for the worse. All we have to do to genuinely change things for the better is head toward the good instead of head towards the bad. But, the problem with the bad is that sometimes it can look like an easy default, and the good can look like hard work. Indeed, those seeming facts can make the good look bad and the bad look good. But note the word "look" in italics here in that last sentence because the good is good and the bad is bad and nothing can change those facts except for a skewed perception or a wrong perception. Reality is reality, perception is not reality like the map is not the definite territory. We must live in reality no matter what and no matter what we perceive it to be, reality is there working always. Limitations or advantages are self-imposed through our right or wrong perception. That is a fact that never changes.

I don't have a dream, I have a reality:

Ultimate conformity is to dream of something better and not do it. Productive nonconformity is doing something better really however the perceptions of those acts may be. To be a conformist really is to give up deeply, but to not conform really is to know that a difference and a betterment can be made. To be better or to rewire for more and better to come is the ultimate goal of any productive life, and when it comes in a good way, you become a winner. To quit too early and fearfully is to lose.

We all need to be definite, whatever the turbulence, to achieve anything genuinely. I end this article officially there, but I just want to say: We all need to make a definite choice in our existence, do we want to achieve or not. Can we make the Biblical words in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 11, Verse 24 of the words of that great Master preacher from Galilee Jesus Christ of Nazareth real and true for us?: "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." The key to more is to allow more, make room for more no matter what, and be steadfast in your workings. It is not so much force. It is more doing what is needed to be done before it all works.


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