The Consciousness of Love

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Article regarding an NDE I had, spiritually speaking only, and the assignment to the 5th level of consciousness. Philosophy of a rescuer type, social worker undercover.

Love Is The Answer If There Is A Question

Love has no opposite. This realization entails the achievement of the level 5 state of awareness, in The Genesis Matrix by Fred Sterling. There are 7 levels of awareness. My note: possibly the 7 levels correspond to the 7 chakras on the body physical as shown in diagrams. In ACIM* in the introduction page, we are told that love has no opposite because it is all encompassing. However, ACIM goes on to explain, that if love did have an opposite, the nearest opposite is Fear.

A...Appearing as

Therefore we can conclude fear is what is called illusion. Next we consider the nature of an illusion to be something that alludes, within linear time, to something that is feared to happen, which has not happened. Why would we fear something that has not happened yet? Because we feel powerless if indeed, the event did happen. So how can you rid yourself of fear? One way is imagine if it did happen, what you would do in that case. You would keep your cool right? So you could help others who could not keep their cool. Then drop it. Just realize you might have to be the strong one here. Be ready to serve mankind. Then focus on what you WANT to happen. That will lend strength to the event. It's like power in collective mind; the more that think positive, the more likely is the positive event to occur.

Therefore, it follows that we are as creative of our own fears, as we are of creating of fear's nearest opposite, love. As well, the universe does not dictate your thought choices, we choose what to focus on, to be creative of.

We are not in control of the entire world and it’s process, but we can gain mastery over our own singular choices of where we wish to focus our energy of creative thought.

Thought As an Energy Matrix

We do not want to lend too much energy to a thought of fear or how insecure we feel in any moment. As therefore we can consider what we fear may well manifest for yet further examination as to how we did create the manifestation. Fear also masquerades as a great sadness, or sense of helplessness in any situation. Do not tarry long with helplessness feelings for they tend to have a way of gaining levity if held onto.
Just remember love has no opposite and fear is it’s nearest opposite, so it is unreal. It alludes to something that we fear to happen, which has not manifested yet; this may pertain to illnesses we may fear will come upon us despite we work at preventative measures. This includes thoughts we have about aging. Aging and it’s attendant infirmities, with the ever illusive search for the fountain of youth. This is a belief system we collectivily have agreed upon, as we once collectively agreed the world was flat until we were proven wrong.
We work with fear but we don’t stockhold it as a valuable commodity, and by no means should we count on it to manifest, the way we might subscribe to Murphy’s law that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
It’s defeatist thinking and at the 6th level of awareness we are risen above defeatist thinking.

Taking pre-cautionary, preventative measures are ok and not necessarily expressive of the emotion of hidden fears. That is preparation. You must be able to discern a fear from good common sense measures; the difference could be subtle.

My Spiritual NDE

What we want is to attain the 6th level of awareness where we just have a knowing that there is nothing to fear. We can do this by exploring the ramifications of an event, so if it did happen you would know how to keep your strong center of attention on the problem solving, and not the appearance of the losses involved.
At this level of awareness Sterling affirms mastery is the only understanding one vibrates in. The 6th level is said to be the nirvana of enlightenment, yet the 7th level is there to be experienced as well, which is related to the experience of transition where your higher self no longer requires you to participate in a material world of linear time.
Linear time can be compared to Frozen time. As compared to a fast vibrating spiritual world of activity and well being.
Dreams, visions and the like can be vastly, spiritually healing experiences.
I find my own dreams may take years to correctly interpret at the 100% level and so patience is part of this kind of focused area.

In this spiritual NDE I was shown I was to work on the 5th level. At the time, for the life of me, I had very little reference data for what the 5th level was, and what I was to be doing there.
As I was shown it was a level where retrievers work, those who bust others out of belief systems they may feel trapped in, or whom do not know there are other more comfortable environments to arise to, such as the many mansions spoken of in the bible. I feel retrieving, or rescuing is no different than lending someone a hand up or saving a child's life who is drowning, only it’s done on a psychic or astral level, most decidely, a heart path level.
In the NDE all those on the 5th level looked out from windows of a high rise, surveying the crowds all in movement which truly looked like a New York City sidewalk expanded to ocean size. All were in this symbol of consciousness movement. They were all moving forward in one direction and couldn't go backwards or sideways as there was billions of people surging forward, greatly like a wave of humanity.

A New World Order

When one in the crowd would cry out, it was like their arm went up in the crowd in a disturbed fashion and we could hear their cries. We, on the 5th level would set up an event for rescue of the person; bringing them data, info, support, whatever they needed, which pertained to the cry for help. By no means could we interfere with their evolving process unless they asked, or prayed for the answer in earnestness.
If it was love they needed, then it was the loving, comforting gesture that would follow. There was an answer for every one, just as the bible says God knows what you need before you ask. Now I understand the 5th level to be related to loving gestures, such as retrievals or rescues on this side of things are related to love also, to a cooperative network in human nature, as I see it.
An orderly process of a working spiritual law. I could never believe in the theory of chaos after this NDE, nor in blind luck.
The 5th level could also explain the 5th dimensional shifting we are in the midst of. You must have heard of 3 dimensional. As a planet we are moving away from 3 dimensional thinking.

In any case, it is the time period we all chose to be active in for all the wondrous changes that will be showing themselves shortly in our world. We will all be awakening of our immortality and continued existance outside of this singular lifetime we now have.
That alone is a major change for it brings a cessation of the need for wars if we know for sure, that wars are not the solution and that love is the solution for what is killed but returns again so the buck has to stop somewhere with people like you and me.

Here's another quote concerning love from Genesis Matrix:
Level 5 is where mastery is attained, and the comprehension of all living force. Love is. It needs no explanation. At this level, clarity is now.
When the word is spoken it is enacted promptly at this level.
Power is in the word of truth and this is how others recognize that you are telling the truth. Have but joy in your hearts for we are headlong into the shift. We cannot fail. Remember this from the master Yeshua: "If I go unto my Father in heaven, I cause all men to rise with me."
*ACIM: A Course In Miracles


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author avatar LOVERME
8th Oct 2010 (#)

love love and love
we all must only
love and love, love

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8th Oct 2010 (#)

we don't have to, but things sure go smoother when some of that love gets passed around!

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
25th Jun 2011 (#)

Nice article, LaughingRain. I couldn't agree with you more.

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