The Cycle of Saturn

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We take a look at the importance of the cycles of Saturn and what it means in terms of an individual's life.

Saturn - the cycle of maturity

Saturn takes twenty-nine-and-a-half years to make a complete circle through the zodiac, and it specifically relates to the process of an individual's maturation. Up until around age seven, the child is almost completely dependent on his or her parents, but at that age Saturn forms a square (90 degree angle) to its natal position. This corresponds to the time of a child's first attempts to separate himself from his parents, to become an individual. He or she has just entered school and begins to form relationships beyond the family circle. At age fourteen Saturn opposes its natal position, and this corresponds to the crisis of adolescence, when the child goes to bed one night a perfect little angel and wakes up the next morning an insufferable teenage brat, totally alienated from his parents, who have literally overnight become 'know nothings'. This can be a difficult time for parents, especially if they fail to recognize that this is a period in a child's life when he or she is seeking a personal identity and is consumed by an urge to fit in to the outside world. As parents we must not take the child's sudden devaluing of us personally. They are engaged in the process of separating themselves from us in a manner that allows them to explore their outside world more deeply, and to cut their apron strings to us.

At twenty-one Saturn forms the waning square to its natal position. It is three-quarters of the way through its initial 29 year cycle. This is a critical time in the young person's life. In many societies, he or she is expected to become fully adult at this time. Many are finishing college and joining the work force (if they can find a job these days). People expect that they are adults, but in fact they are not yet there. If you observe most people in their twenties, they will be seen to be still lacking in a great measure of maturity. In America, where I live, it seems to me that the majority of twenty-somethings are little advanced beyond high school kids in terms of maturity.

Then around the age of twenty-nine to thirty, when Saturn makes its first return to its natal position, a shift happens. For most of us it takes one full cycle of Saturn before we begin to get a handle on who we are and where we are going - where we want to go with our lives. For me personally, it wasn't until this time in my life that I figured out who I was and the direction in which I wanted to take my life, and I think that is the case for the vast majority of us. The cycle of maturity is not complete until the first Saturn return, twenty-nine plus years after birth.

The second Saturn cycle

The second Saturn cycle begins between twenty-nine and thirty and lasts until age 58-59. During this second Saturn cycle we make our mark upon the world's stage. Hopefully, we do what we came into the world to do.

Between 42 and 44 years of age Saturn opposes its natal position for the second time. The first opposition marked the crisis of adolescence; this opposition marks the mid-life crisis. Uranus opposes its natal position at this same time, and Neptune squares its natal position. Commonly, at this period in one's life there is a profound examination of self. Have I constructed my life the way I want? Am I on the path that's right for me? Do I need a new direction in life? And many will make radical life direction changes during this time.

The third Saturn cycle

The end of the first Saturn cycle at age twenty nine could be said to mark a second birth. you have just completed the cycle of maturation, and you are 'born into' - hopefully, your fully adult life path. Having completed the second Saturn cycle between the age of 58 and 59, your third birth occurs. You have made your mark upon the world, and now the cosmos begins to call you away from the world of affairs, in a new direction still, one that is more personal and internal, less concerned with outer world accomplishment, beckoning you to develop yourself within.

Most lifetimes encompass close to three full Saturn cycles, and each represents a distinctly different life path stage. In the first we develop and mature as individuals. In the second we perform. And in the third we develop along an inner path as we complete the journey of life.


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author avatar Songbird B
8th May 2011 (#)

Wow! This had me totally hooked, Steve! This is so much like the seven year cycle as we grow through to our maturity, and also in finding ourselves...You are a great tutor my friend, and I feel like I am on such a learning curve with your articles...Great share..

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
8th May 2011 (#)

Yes, Songbird - ths Saturn cycle refers specifically to the seven year cycles of life. Thank you.

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author avatar Tony Mendoza Jr.
8th May 2011 (#)

Awesome article Steve! Thanks for posting.

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author avatar Paula Andrea Pyle MA
11th May 2011 (#)

A wonderfully informative write about the definitive necessity of Saturn's cycles. We will grow whether we like it or not. But, nothing happens until HE says it is time. Great job, Steve.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
11th May 2011 (#)

Thanks for your valued comment, Paula. Yes, Saturn as you well know is Father Time - Chronus, and he lets us know when it's time for us to grow up, no matter what our chronoloogical age.

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