The Days Before "Green"

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Examining the new 'Green' mentality in comparison to past generations

Back in the Pliestocine

Looking back seventy years, to the time when people 'didn't care' about the environment, and contrasting it to the current Green hysteria one has to take a very long look at what kind of charade is really going on.

Talking about the Supermarket

There weren't any plastic bottles, they were all glass. Many were brought back for the deposit or to exchange for a full bottle. In fact, in those days many people had milk and sodas delivered in glass bottles which they'd rinse out and return.

So there weren't mountains of plastic bottles littering the environment, causing havoc in the seas.

Other containers were those waxed paper kind, a little longer lasting than paper, but just as biodegradable.

Groceries came in brown paper bags. These were used as garbage bags or scrap paper or thrown away, but they were biodegradable. One didn't see millions of brown paper bags flying around the street in a wind, clogging drains, and being a nuisance.

Buying something from the butcher came in waxed paper, not plastic. The meat or fish was wrapped up, put in a bag. Yeah, it could leak but you'd get it home in time and either pop it into the fridge or cook it.

There weren't many aerosol cans. Most were those press down thingies like little pumps. The bottles were glass. One used them, refilled them, and kept them. There was no reason to throw them out.

Around the Town

There weren't lifts in many buildings. One walked up the steps. In fact one walked a lot. Walk to school (a mile was nothing in those days) walk to the grocery store, walk everywhere one could, or else, take a bus.

Not everyone had a car or thought that a car was life.

People dragged shopping carts when they were going shopping, they didn't pile into a station wagon to drive two blocks.

People who had lawns pushed lawnmowers, they didn't need gasoline, they had arm and leg power.

At Home

In those ancient days, people washed the baby's diapers as the throw-away kind didn't exist. This often led to toilet trining by the first birthday not delayed until Kindergarten.

Clothes were dried on a line, not in an energy gobbling machine.

In those days, clothes were well made and lasted so kids got hand-me-downs rarely something new. And before something was thrown out, if it could still wear it was donated to some charity. If it couldn't, it was recycled or used as rags.

People didn't buy 'rags' or special cloths to clean, nor use complicated products which were unnatural. Ammonia, bleach, soap and a funny little thing called 'blue' which was good for whites.

There was usually only one TV or radio, in the house. In the kitchen it was all handwork. No electric machines. Yes, everyone had a fridge but it had to be defrosted, meaning that it was often unplugged at night.

Few people had air conditioners so they dressed lighter in summer and built homes with large windows to get cross drafts. And with so many windows, lights didn't have to be turned on until the sun had set.

It isn't you

It is not that people suddenly became less Green over the past 70 years it is that every aspect of society has become less Green. All the labour saving devices burn energy. All 'convenience' products are disposable plastic made to last for one hundred years, but to be used once.

The idea of walking, unless part of an exercise program is seen as obscene. And people are convinced to throw away and buy new when the item still has 'life'.

Green is the reaction to the 'disposable society' that grew up during the 80s to the present.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Excellent reminder about what caused the environmental crisis, and why we focus on Green so much today. Although many people I encounter are still ignorant with their heads in the sand

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author avatar kaylar
21st Aug 2011 (#)

The number of plastic bottles that wash up after a storm are in the thousands...

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author avatar Buzz
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Man has made the world so complex and unnecessarily outgrown pristine simplicity of the environment. The stark contrast then and now is a bewilderment.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Outstanding article! We are the "throw-away" society, and along with it we may be throwing away life as we know it or dream of it to be...your article hits on that very point...beautifully done kaylar.

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author avatar kaylar
21st Aug 2011 (#)

thank you very much

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