The Deer Resistant Flower Garden

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There are numerous books out there that provide lists of so-called deer resistant flowers. In reality, deer will eat just about anything if they get hungry enough. There are a few flowers, though, that they will never touch.

Truly Deer Proof Flowers

For those of us who live in deer infested parts of the country, having a flower garden can be frustrating and sometimes, heartbreaking. We spend countless hours working, weeding and babying our plants along, only to wake one morning to find our gardens totally eradicated by a deer's midnight munching. While there are plenty of plants out there that deer will avoid, they will eat just about anything if hungry. There are a couple of choices, though, that really are deer proof.


Deer simply will not touch foxgloves. These tall gorgeous biennials are highly toxic and nothing will eat them. Remarkably easy to grow, some varieties can reach over 5 feet. Colors range from lavender to white to apricot. Like all biennials, they provide green leafy growth the first growing season, and will flower the second year. Foxgloves do reseed themselves, and once they become established, they will spread and continue to bloom for many years. They will grow just about anywhere, but the do prefer somewhat wet areas with at least a little bit of afternoon shade.


Gardening in areas where the summers are short can be depressing. Winters seem to drag on forever, and we can't wait to get back outside in the sunshine. The sight of the first daffodil in spring is heartlifting and a truly welcome sight. The fact that hungry deer never even nibble on these harbingers of spring makes them even more welcome. Like foxgloves, daffodils are poisonous. In fact, they contain arsenic, and even insects seldom bother with them. Daffodils are grown from bulbs, and need to be planted in the fall for spring bloom. Most common colors are yellow, orange or white, and they are beautiful when planted in masses on lawns or in fields. They can be mown off after the leaves start to turn brown.


Datura, or angel's trumpet, are one on the showiest flowers around. The flowers themselves can be six inches or more long, in a range of colors from lavender to peach and pink. Highly toxic, deer stay far away from them. These plants can be a little trickier to grow than the others listed here. Datura need bright sunlight and love the heat. In cold shadier areas, they are not likely to bloom. Datura are perennials, but will need to be brought inside in areas where winters are cold, or will need to be restarted in spring. Often difficult to start from seed, it would be best for the inexperienced gardener to start with plants. These, like foxglove and daffodil, should be kept away from small children or pets that may chew on the plants.


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