The Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

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The ever increasing danger of the Australian coastline through pollution will destroy one of the most unique natural wonders of the world.


Less than sixty years ago, the population of Australia was made up of just over seven million people: such a small number in such a vast country. Yet the reality is, this country of ours cannot sustain a large population due to the interior being mostly desert, while the top end has a very hot and tropical climate which many European settlers will keep away from at any cost.

The Australians

The Australian population, which is made up mostly of people from European background have settled in cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, nevertheless the numbers have never grown excessively and especially so in Melbourne and Sydney . This growth now resembles a long winding train of ants invading the coast from south to the north, stopping short near the city of Brisbane. This constant increase of people settling on this particular side of the continent, which is also home to the Great Barrier Reef has brought with it a devastating effect to the delicate ecology of the coastline.

The Great Barrier Reef

On the coast of New South Wales and Queensland the situation is becoming critical with the ever increasing population made up mostly of retired people who are drawn to this part of the country because of its great climate. Furthermore this coastline has also developed into one of the most popular holiday parts of Australia. Due to its popularity the number of people quadruples which inevitable brings pollution through oil spills from boats and sewage, thus placing great strain on conservation resources that appear to be fighting a losing battle against the over development of the coastline. With this happening, we need to remind ourselves that the The Great Barrier Reef, which has been classified one of the seven wonders of the world and one of Queensland most popular tourist attraction, suffers with the deluge of sediments and nutrients caused by the increased agricultural and development run offs. And while this is happening, very little is being done to ameliorate the situation. One could venture to say that the almighty dollar has the power to blind people from seeing the damage that is being caused to this unique part of the world.

Scientific studies

According to Mr Simon Baltais, the Australian spokeman for Wildlife Preservation and Sustainable Population, the growth in population in Queensland is causing irreparable damage to the marine ecology. The effects can be seen in Moreton Bay where the wetlands, which are the natural habitat of the Dugongs, turtles, corals, sea grasses and a great number of other marine species are being attacked by the toxic algal bloom, the lyngbia.

Endangered marine life

Further down the Australian coastline, In the state of Victoria, the coastal areas of Port Phillip Bay, the Mornington Peninsula and Surf Coast have become high density living with the high growth of population drawn to these areas since the building of fast moving freeways and improvement of public transport which can offer the relaxed lifestyle of living away from the city smog and yet have the convenience to work in the city. Nevertheless, this enormous move towards the coast is bringing disastrous consequences to the marine environment with most of the human and industrial waste being disposed into the ocean.

In conclusion

Unfortunately the damage continues relentlessly regardless of how intense the conservation lobby group work in their attempt to protect the coastline, state governments and local governments continue to subdivide land in critical areas for housing so at to accommodate the growing population of the states of Victoria and New South Wales.


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