The Devils Bible

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The Codex Gigas is one of the most mystic books in history,legend says this Bible was guided by the Devils hand,giving it,its nickname of the Devils Bible.

The Devils Bible

The Codex Gigas is a massive medieval manuscript,in fact it is the largest one in the world,this book is known as the Devils Bible and is kept in safety in the National Library of Sweden in Stockholme.
The reason it is given the name the Devils Bible is mainly down to the fact there is a very large portrait of the devil on one of its pages,this book is steeped in history and legend says this book was written in one night by a monk who had sold his soul to the devil,experts estimate it would have taken at least 25 years for one lone man to write a book of this size.
The Devils Bible is thought to have been created in the 13th century in a Benedictine monastery of Podlazice in Bohemia,weighing 165 pounds it is thought that in its day it held all human knowledge.
I learnt about this mystical book through a documentary played on the National Geographic channel,you can watch this documentary for free on Youtube,it
contains within its pages a complete Old Testament and New Testament as well as a number of secular works all written in Latin,it is a mysterious book which is full of mystery,it has even been said it was written by the guiding hand of Satan himself.
The documentary about this book puts together the crazy history that this bible has with modern forensic science and the forensic evidence shows that this Bible was indeed written by one man but there is no evidence that it was written in one single night,it is more probable that this was the life's work of a sole Monk.
This book is full with different kinds of knowledge,from natural medicine's to magic spells,it contains rituals of how to exorcise demons out of possessed human beings,in fact there is no evidence which I have seen that this is a evil book,except that history shows that through out the centuries of its existence who ever has owned this book has be dealt a horrible and deathly ending.
This entire book is written in Latin all 620 pages,it is made of vellum,from the skins of animals and another great mystery concerning it is that some of its pages are missing with out a trace,this book is so large it takes at least two humans to carry it.
This book is a fantastic part of history,it is not believed that this book is sinister except for its legend,it is more likely that this was written by a man with great knowledge for his day,the documentary made about it is one well worth watching.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Apr 2013 (#)

Interesting book for sure, whets one's curiosity - siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Apr 2013 (#)

Not something I want to be associated with but thanks for the information.
I still go the wages of sin is death.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Apr 2013 (#)

Wow that must be some massive book.

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