The Different Kinds of Blood Vessels

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The veins are the blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood, the blood which contains carbon dioxide.

The Different Kinds of Blood Vessels

There are different kinds of blood vessels in the human body. They are the Arteries, the Capillaries and the Veins. These blood vessels serve as the passage way of the blood through out the entire body.

The arteries are tough and thick in nature. These characteristics allow them to expand and contract as the blood flows within them. These blood vessels carry the blood directly from the heart going to all parts of the body.

The biggest artery is found in the heart, it is called as the Aorta. The other arteries are smaller compared to the sizes of arteries located near the heart.

The arteries branched out into the tubes called the arterioles; it is smaller than the arteries. The arterioles farther branched out into tinier tubes called as capillaries.

The Capillaries are thin-walled vessels that connect the arteries and the veins.

The veins are the blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood, the blood which contains carbon dioxide. It came from the different cells in the body going back to the heart. These vessels have valves which stop the blood from flowing back. Veins are closer to the skin, we can see them in bluish color.

Every blood vessel has their different functions in blood circulation activities. Every one of them plays their own role to transport the blood along with the nutrients, oxygen and waste materials inside the body.


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I have two heart stents which give me a longer lifespan, I think. My sister and Mother died due to massive heart attack due to diabeties (spelling?) I am diabetic too.

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