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Any goal is a direction, without goals you have no direction, not even a hint of it. Sure, you can have all the power and persistence in existence, but without definite direction or a goal, it is nothing.

What directs me.

I have a definite goal. I want to write the best material I can and be as helpful to people and their lives as I can possibly be. Here is the crazy part, I even want to help my enemies ultimatelty be my friends and allies, and work deeply with my friends in a genuinely active way always. I know that is a broad goal considering the current nature of humanity, but this article and its sections is going to reveal even more as I go on.

A direction is the most powerful thing in existence you can have, what do you think the best of us as human beings have in the ultimate sense? We have self-direction, goals or whatever you want to call it all. I call it The Direction. With the direction, we know where we are going, what we want to achieve, and what we genuinely want to do.

Self-leadership is half the battle, but self-mastery is the whole thing. This is what I mean by the genuine direction. A tyrant can lead themselves in an emotional and irrational way. But, to have discipline and genuinely humble control when leading yourself is the most powerful thing in existence. What I mean by genuinely humble control is to not let emotions and irrationally power-driven whims get the best of you when leading yourself and/or others with yourself. Also, listening to your intuitive reality is key to good leadership and direction of yourself and others. Conscience is not just something that was created to placate, it is a definite, intuitive force and power to keep us in beneficial check with ourselves.

I fully understand what I am writing about, because I live it. There are times I want to do what is wrong for me over what is right like anyone else. But, unlike when I was younger, I decrease the role irrationality and power drive plays in my life in favor of thinking rationally and honestly for myself and acting rationally and honestly with myself even if it does not immediately benefit me. That means, even if I were offered a million unearned dollars right now in a fully irrational way that would harm myself or others, I would immediately turn it down. But, if I were offered that same million dollars in a rational way that would benefit myself and others, I would immediately take it in a way that genuinely works for me and everyone involved. My point? I can and do afford to scan my transactions in a genuine way that works to benefit even if the affects and effects are not immediate, I would rather do what is right than do what is wrong, genuinely.

What can direct you, if you let it.

Be honest with yourself when you set your goal, and do not expect an instant result. Always be persist like a bulldozer, only with consciousness and heart behind it.

Sure, there are times we all get tired and weary, but even then, and especially then, that is when you must really be persistent. You can direct you, if you let you. You do not need a manual, you do not need anything else. Except the resource of genuinely sticking to what you really want to do and not quitting. This reality can direct anyone toward success.

The strong are patient. The above is what this short phrase really means. We must win at the best costs, not necessarily all costs. Sure, we must be willing and want to, but at the same time, we have to consider all routes toward the goal, easy and hard. I remember what my Dad, Joseph Clayton meant by "there are not any shortcuts" and that is exactly what he meant: What you want is what you want, and nothing else will do. What you really desire genuinely can direct you if you are willing in a rational way.

The real winner.

How would I describe a winner? It is not the person with "the most toys". The winner is the person who is doing what they genuinely want to do in life and has no regrets beyond life and in the emotional realm within life also. The point to this section is not only to say, "do what is worth doing". It is also saying live a life that is worth living or genuinely lose. I am not judging in this article section, I am not laying down any laws. I am talking objective business that should be understandable to all who want to understand.

Face it, any child or criminal can have or take "the most toys". But it takes a genuine human being or conscious person to really enjoy their lives. The direction of genuine purpose that is meant to happen is ensured enjoyment for the person going in the right direction. The wrong direction is like a strong motor without a rudder, a driver or a steering device. In fact the wrong direction is like turning on the motor and letting it go where it may without direction, but lots of strength. That brings me to a point: Strength is useless without proper direction.

So, to start on the path of being a real winner in life, start with a goal that is within your reason and nobody else. Because, personal goals are proper direction, especially when life-enhancing and productive.

At best.

Ideally, full use of intuition makes you an "automatic winner" and in this section I can tell you why: When you are "in the zone" or working fully with inner knowing, everything makes you an automatic winner. Recently, I had an experience with this fact where everything went right although I did not expect it to, and I found I was using my intuition like second nature to get the desired results. This is the level where Mr. Miyagi in "The Karate Kid" original movies caught the fly in the chopsticks or chopped down the ice with bare hands and amazing feats like that easily. This is the level of reality where everything "clicks" and nothing can thwart the winning streak. This is the best state to be in. The state when all thoughts and actions flow out right.


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