The Feminists of the 1970's Tried to Shake Up Society

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In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century, some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day. The plight of the poor is an ongoing topic in women’s issues and women’s rights


This article is going to take us back in time even though we are covering the feminists of the 1970's at the moment. There is a reason for this diversion no doubt. As we have gone through this series so far we have visited many courageous women since Victorian times who have fought for women's rights, from voting, to representation in government, to equal rights and equal pay for equal work. In all of this, women were fighting for an identity.

This road was a rocky one, facing many obstacles and legislation, and rising

This road was a rocky one, facing many obstacles and legislation, and rising triumphant in overcoming them. However, what is hard to overcome is public opinion and this is true of any cause.

The feminists of the 1970's were vocal, they were radical, and they did all this to shake things up, and to change the thinking of the times. Their purpose was to get people to think, and not accept "the way things are because that was the way they always were".

The joys that we experience as women in the world to day, was because of the feminists of the 1970's and women throughout time who have dared to challenge the political and social mores.

Women basking in the aftermath of their sister's accomplishment today may say "so what". We will use two analogies here to explain how uninformed that "so what" attitude actually is..

First analogy to explain the “so what” response

First analogy to explain the “so what” response

The first analogy - if you have just eaten a full meal or have just sat down to a feast, it is easy to say "so what" to people that tells you they are starving, or the only food they have is a bowl of rice, while you are dinning on roast beef and caviar.

You cannot feel their hunger pangs. Yes it is easy to say "so what" because your belly is full. You do not understand what it is like to feel hungry. You do not understand what it is like to be them.

to be continued

Germaine Greer is anything but a female eunuch

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