The First Farmers

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Until about 12000 years ago, people everywhere were constantly on the move. They covered huge distances hunting wild animals and collecting wild plants to eat. They often lived in caves or in makeshift shelters. Then an extraordinary thing happened that changed their lives forever: they learned how to farm.

Land of Plenty

Farming didn’t happen overnight – it took hundreds of years of gradual change and happened in different parts of the world at different times. The first farmers appeared in an area known as the ‘Fertile Crescent’, a great arc of land stretching from the shores of the Mediterranean, through the mountains of Syria and Turkey and down to Iran and Iraq. It had rich, fertile soil which was watered each year by rivers and streams swelled with melted mountain snow.

Taming Wild Animals

Hunters also began to capture young, wild sheep and goats that roamed the craggy hills and deep valleys of the ancient Middle East. They tamed them and raised them to provide milk and wool, as well as meat. The farmers bred from the smaller, more docile animals, until eventually they produced tamer varieties of sheep and goats. On the other hand, larger and more aggressive animals continued to be hunted and killed to provide extra food.

A New Lifestyle

Once people learned how to farm, other things had to change too. They began to settle in one place for the first time, to look after their animals and crops. They were also forced to cultivate new skills and technology to meet their changing lifestyle.

They made wooden hoes, to prepare the fields for planting, and wooden sickles fitted with sharp flint blades to cut the crops. They also made stone querns to grind the grain to make flour for bread, clay ovens to bake the bread, and simple clay pots to carry water and milk.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

Well written, Saurav - interesting to learn we started this momentous change just 12000 years ago - siva

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