The First of Many Guard Tales

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Often Color Guard is overlooked as an activity or even a sport. When I found this activity I didn't know anything about it, and totally regretted it. I wish I grew up learning more and more of this activity.

The First Few Moments of Guard

My first day of guard was full of bruises, gashes, and sore muscles. To those who may not know, Guard is an activity with flags, rifles, and sabres. To those who may not know, guard members throw these protruding pieces of equipment. I found this out on my first day.
On my first day, I had no idea that color guard meant that you danced rhythmically to lyrical music with these pieces of equipment. I found out within the twenty minutes I was there, when a senior threw a beautifully sewn flag in the air and caught it gracefully. I, of course wanted to look suave, and tried the same move not knowing it actually took skill to look effortless. The beautifully sewn flag ended on the floor making a loud bang, and of course a large amount of people staring at me. I giggled and walked off with a very red face.

I Didn't Know I loved Attention

I really didn't know I loved attention. I remember being a shy kid with a few friends. When I joined Color Guard they made it abundantly clear that this was a performing team and that we needed to love the attention. I really didn't know what that meant because I have never really had this type of attention before. The first time I performed at a Color Guard competition I remember being so excited, but I thought I should be nervous or petrified at the fact that I was about to perform in front of a huge audience of competitors and their families. I don't know what was about that competition, but I actually felt unstoppable. I loved to see each face in the audience, maybe I thought that if I looked them straight in the eyes they would look back and then see me dance and spin my flag. If my theory only worked once, or twice, I would definitely stay in this activity because it meant I could have that attention forever.

When It Clicked

The moment it clicked that I was meant to be in guard, I was practicing this toss that my director had been on my back about for days. I threw the flag up in the air like I did a million times before, but this time it was different. I wasn't scared under it. I wasn't jumping about trying to predict where it would go. I had my feet planted on the ground and the flag came back to me almost like that graceful senior. Across the gym, my director saw me and yelled, "Finally!! Lauren! Thank God!" I knew I wanted to hear that type of reaction every time a rifle, flag, or sabre ever left my hands. It might have been that attention thing, but I didn't care. I knew I was going to do this activity for the rest of my life.

Why I Stayed in Guard for Four Years

There are a few reasons I stayed in such a seemingly violent activity. After the first few seconds of guard I immediately wanted to be like the graceful senior who had everything under control while thrusting that six foot pole in the air. I also loved the attention, and I secretly loved the dangerous factor. Most of all I think was the freedom to actually dance and act happy in front of people without me thinking that I look silly or funny because everyone around me was doing the same thing.


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I just recently graduated from high school, and my one activity I participated in was guard. This activity filled my life for those short four years.

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13th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice share. I never knew about this activity - siva

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