The Flying Flowers of Marinduque is Nature’s Best

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Where butterflies abound, there is diverse plant species all around. Butterflies are tiny creatures yet beautiful as they are colorful and they roam in the atmosphere with the rapid movements of their wings. To care for them is to experience with them and that’s one way of enriching our environment. The Golden Wings Butterfly Farms is set up to promote not only caring for the insects for aesthetics but to demonstrate that caring for them could even generate economic values.

Caring for butterflies is environmental enrichment

Today, the flying flowers or flying gems are rarely seen but not in Marinduque where nature’s best still commands the freedom for this beautiful creature to roam in the atmosphere. This is so because the Marinduqueños had perfected the way to farm the butterflies since 30 years ago and that kind of farming system insures perpetuation of species. Butterfly farmers breed the butterflies to produce the kind of products required for both the export and local markets. They are however required to set free or release 10% of their produce to insure sustainability. Fortunately, each species of the butterflies has its own specific host plants and therefore one could safely say that where different butterfly species abounds, there exist similarly different species of plants thriving in a particular locality. Thus, the butterflies are one barometer of plant diversity.

Appreciation of this rare beauty started only recently and now it’s fast becoming an international growth industry. There are commercial ventures in Southeast Asia, South America and the South Pacific engaged in breeding butterflies for export to collectors or exhibitors. In the Philippines, the province of Marinduque produces 78% of the total export of butterflies mostly in the form of pupae.

Products from butterflies

There are a range of product groups out of butterflies, namely, deadstocks or papered adult butterflies for exhibits and mounting in frames, pupae, and livestocks for release during weddings, special occasions or celebrations, launching activities, and for butterfly houses in parks, tourist spots, museums and recreation centers. Butterflies certainly are one of the best and unique additions to any celebrations like weddings. While butterfly farming is geared towards the export markets, butterfly release during weddings and other celebrations as well as butterflies in frames for home decorations are gaining popularity in the country nowadays. In weddings, the motif could be matched with the color of the butterflies. Even in project launching, butterfly releases are now becoming an important facet of the ceremonies or programs. They are also used in manufacturing décor products like lampshades, paper weight, among others.

Sustaining butterfly farming

With the growing interest of many people to go into butterfly farming or gardening, and the development of new products and markets for this commodity, there is however a need to continue identifying the species of the butterflies in the wilderness and their host plants and produce new products in order to sustain production and compete with other countries in the export market. One such an enterprise is the Golden Wings Butterfly Farms, put up by an enterprising biology professor in their residence in barangay Cawit of Gasan, Marinduque. According to her, Cawit is a butterfly barangay in the province as most of the butterfly enterprises are situated therein.
Professor Cabildo describes her enterprise as a “place to relax study, mingle with butterflies, learn the life cycles of butterflies and see the diversity of butterflies”. It is also a place for conducting small group discussion and lectures. Yet, there are available products such as souvenir items out of butterflies which she designs herself and there is also a nursery of ornamental plants and seedlings.
She opened the place to the public a few weeks ago and in time of the incoming moriones festivities during the holy week. The place is worth visiting and if you are coming to Marinduque to witness the unique celebration of the holy week, just contact Emma Cabildo in her mobile phone number 0920-8629488, or go directly to her place. It’s near Cawit pier and the airport.
With this development in butterfly farming and once you see the Golden Wings Butterfly Farms, certainly you would have a new way of looking at the wilderness in the forest. People like butterfly enthusiasts are certain to discover that there is much that they can sensibly obtain from the natural vegetation if protected, managed and utilized wisely. The forest is a far more valuable resource that it was over exploited for one of its parts. And butterflies are helping show people the way, as it is in Marinduque. In fact, Professor Cabildo said that there are around 20 butterfly species that are farmed in Marinduque.
One day, a butterfly would come to you and if only it could speak, it will tell you "would. you care for me?" But it cannot speak yet by the rapid movements of its colorful wings and beauty, one should understand the meaning of butterflies in our environment and in our lives. "Care for me and you would have a sustainable environment". One may even have a profitable enterprise with butterflies.


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author avatar Jonathan J. Adorna
8th Apr 2012 (#)

Butterfly is part of biodiversity because it makes our surrounding it must important give tender and loving care

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author avatar Carlos Andam
12th Apr 2012 (#)

Thank you Mr. Adorna! I hope you too would promote conservation of the butterflies.

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author avatar Raquel V. DS
14th Apr 2012 (#)

I'm beginning to love butterflies because of your article!!!

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author avatar Gennie aquino
16th Apr 2012 (#)

Its interesting to know that 78% of our pupae export is from Marinduque . I love, butterflies and I feel relaxed whenever i see butterflies. There are lot of wonders butterflies can make.

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author avatar Sheryl sumo
28th Jul 2012 (#)

kilala po kita sir, i i graduated in MSC 2004.
napakaganda po ng article nyo..
i love butterflies.and actually po,may mga keychains po ako and frames designed wth bttrfly,pinamimigay ko po sa mga friends ko let them see our products,and they were amazed..

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author avatar Rhy
16th May 2012 (#)

Though butterflies were insects, they deserve proper care and love. Thus, they had very important role in our ecosystem.

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author avatar Joy M. Reotutar-Ubaldo, MD
18th May 2012 (#)

Butterfly gardening is fun!!! Thanks for your article Sir.

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author avatar Jinky o. Abuid
8th Jun 2012 (#)

Butterflies can only be seen in places with no pollution. Thus they should be well taken cared of.

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author avatar Rosiel m. piedragoza
20th Sep 2014 (#)

Good day sir..
its nice to read your article.......its really interesting and benifitable for us...i love butterfly when i was young.. its too beautiful and lovely....

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author avatar Carlos Andam
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

Indeed, butterflies are beautiful! Thanks you like the article!

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author avatar MELANIE MENDOZA
6th Oct 2014 (#)

Beautifully written, my parents did once ventured in butterfly farming way back when we were still graders but they weren't able to sustain it after a devastating typhoon and did not re-try re-building it or perhaps they didn't have enough knowledge about this business. I agree that the effort Prof. Cabildo and other butterfly farmers is not just a business, this is a way of conserving one of the nature's wonderful species which slowly diminishes due to man-made environmental destruction. More power sir. Someday I see myself stepping into your footprints.

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author avatar Carlos Andam
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Oh, you can do it, just open your laptop and start writing, join me here at wikinut and share your thoughts and ideas to a wider audience.

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author avatar Marilyn A. Mayores
15th Oct 2014 (#)

nice article. Thank you for promoting the beautiful island of Marinduque through butterflies! Hope i could read more articles from you sir!

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