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An interview with two New York City luxury furniture/accessory/carpet designers.

To Have a Rug or Not...that is the question...

What do the fleeces of New Zealand sheep, childlike humour and swear words add up to? A puzzle perhaps, or rather some of the most deliciously abstract, marvellously coloured and creative Rugs that have covered the walls and floors of showrooms across the world in many a long year.

I was invited to an Eccola party celebrating the Dan Golden debut Rug Collection at the PDC - Angelenos call the Pacific Design Center or Blue Whale. Knowledgeable I am of the terrific Italian food that Kathleen White-Almanza and her Roman husband serve at their openings so I decided to go – after all I love the eclectic furniture and fittings they display and sell in their showrooms. I walked into a chi-chi jungle of noisy ‘connoisseurs’ who frequent openings, be they art, music or entertainment. This group, interior designers, seemed as puzzled as I at the audaciousness of the rugs on display but they did enjoy the food - the great mounds of prosciutto with melon and figs, and deep bowls of parmesan.

It was only the next day that I had a chance to sit with Ford Lininger and Dan Golden, the two for whom the celebration was taking place - young men buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm. An ideal partnership they have, with Ford’s sales and marketing and furniture design background coupled with Golden’s creativity in the art field – his Artwork known by many collectors, and on view in showrooms and galleries in major cities.

The Rug Collection combines the art and interior design worlds in a syncopated rhythm of colour, concept and essence with an almost psychological twist. It was after speaking with Dan and hearing his explanation of how the words on the Rugs were formulated that I suddenly saw them from a completely different viewing point. From that prissy little part of me, I had judged them as rather crass but now the depth of meaning, the true essence of what Dan was bringing forward opened up to me and I saw the beauty and profoundness and humour of each piece. The loving attention to the mix of colours, the quality of the wool and the precious caring of the man who sewed each strand by hand make each rug a joy to behold.

Change Me

This Rug in a pale pinkish grey has two little Charlie Brown type babies, one with questioning eyebrows, the other with a look of surprise, in deep black prams held by the outlines of two women. Underneath in black are the words:



A remark so often used by people in today’s society. Dan told me that it was in a real ‘ah ha’ moment when the words came to him to use in the design of this Rug, and the images were also part of his inner creativity – something he is very in touch with and can express so vividly in different medias.

Keep Dogs off Grass

The starkness of this Rug is portrayed by almost two-thirds being grass green and the upper third in blue, cleverly interposed with white to look like a sky. Two standing cartoon dogs puffing on cigarettes face off whilst in the foreground a large white sign reads:



Definitely a metaphor to keep kids off drugs but you can read into it whatever your little heart desires! If the sign can be seen on the grass at NYU why not in your home!


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author avatar ittech
24th Jan 2012 (#)

Sounds great.

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author avatar Buzz
24th Jan 2012 (#)

Enjoyed reading this. Very interesting, my dear cnwriter.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Jan 2012 (#)

thank you so much, such wonderful supporters you both are..

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author avatar Rose*
23rd Dec 2013 (#)

It sounds like a really interesting occasion!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Dec 2013 (#)

it was indeed and thank you for finding and commenting on this...blessings...

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